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Walkover Lighting - Garden Pavement Lights by Serralunga

Walkover Lighting - Garden Pavement Lights by Serralunga

See and show your garden in a completely different light, with this walkover lighting from illumination innovator Serralunga. Designer Roberto Paoli was inspired by Michael Jackson's music video for Billy Jean (where his dance moves coincide with the lighted...

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27 Mar 2011 | Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas by Vibia


Vibia has created a veritable playground of modern lighting, the like of which you’ve never seen. The Spanish company, known for its contemporary, unusual and off-the-wall outdoor lighting design ideas, is transforming lighting into an art form with its sculptural and striking pieces. Why bother maintaining a meticulously manicured garden if you don’t have the lighting to show it off? This stunning setting illuminates landscape and pathways with the Tree 4000 outdoor lighting collection, a design by Pete Sans that resembles delicately drop-shaped conifers. Available in brown and white-lacquer finishes, these polyurethane lights contain compact fluorescent bulbs to cast a gentle glow on your outdoors. Turn your yard into a whimsical wonderland. For more outdoor lighting design ideas, visit Vibia.

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11 Feb 2010 | Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures – Halley Lighting by Vibia


Designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, the Halley outdoor lighting fixtures from Italian lighting company Vibia is the latest in LED illuminating innovations. Inspired by Halley’s Comet, this unusual lighting fixture features an overarching shape that brightens the night sky with an LED light strip. Bathe your outdoor eating, seating and entertaining areas in warm light and make it a conversation piece. The Halley lighting comes in three basic shapes – ground-to-ground, ground-to-wall and ground-to-clamp – which can be connected to suit your space, and easily dismantled and reassembled when you’d like to move it. This outdoor fixture is waterproof, so rain or shine, Halley will shine on! For more information visit Vibia.

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10 Feb 2010 | Outdoor Lighting

Colored Outdoor Lights from MyYour - Tulip XL


If you’re looking to add a little light to your landscaping, the colored outdoor lights from MyYour may have what you’re looking for. The Tulip XL outdoor light is a revolutionary way to add light and flora to your landscaping without the weeds. The Tulip XL is designed to line a driveway or walkway to direct traffic safely through a lane. Along with the Petra outdoor armchair, the self-colored polyethylene lighting is available in a variety of colors and is a durable material for the outdoors. The transparent lights add a warm glow and an extra ornament to the landscape it surrounds. It you’re looking for a unique and innovative way to light your driveway, think of the Tulip XL by MyYour.

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1 Oct 2008 | Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Floor Lighting from Carpyen - Lite Cube and Lite Box lights are also seats


The outdoor floor lighting from Carpyen, the Lite Cube and Lite Box are not only lights, but also function as outdoor or indoor furniture. Designer Jonathan Daifuku created a piece that is fashionable and functionable, out of polyethylene. The white shell allows colored bulbs, like red, green, yellow and blue to shine through for a warm colored glow to add color and ambience to a landscape. The floor lighting can be placed on their own or with a number of cubes and boxes as a set creating different arrangements and looks. They can be placed in a garden setting out a path, or as a border of a landscaping for strictly decor purposes. The Lite Box can be used as an outdoor table and the Lite Cubes can be used as seating. There are many possibilities for the outdoor lighting from Carpyen.


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26 Sep 2008 | Outdoor Lighting

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