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Porch Lighting Ideas to add charm to your exterior

There are several different options when it comes to porch lighting. But which ones are the best option? The answer is never easy due to multiple factors coming into play. If you are looking for inspiration and want to bring something different to your outdoor space its time to consider the lights, you are using. Here is a guide on how to do just that.

Outdoor Lanterns

Hang your lanterns to give your outdoor space an extra dose of charm, but with hints of whimsical lighting.

One of the easiest ways of bringing lighting to your outdoor space is by having outdoor lanterns. Outdoor lanterns work due to how charming they can appear while still working with a multitude of decorating styles. Keep in mind, you want to use multiple lanterns and work them in together to upgrade the charm of your outdoor décor.

Mason Jar

Consider larger string lights when you want to make a bolder statement and pair it with tiny string lights.

Lighting Many of us prefer DIY décor due to being able to create it to our liking every time. That is where mason jar lights come into play. You can add large bulbs or tiny string lights inside to make that ethereal aesthetic we all know and love. Pair them with other light fixtures to truly bring in the charm.


Use two pendant lights to make a bold statement, but with the cohesive charm, we all know and love

If you have an indoor/outdoor porch, it could be useful to add pendant lights. Just like the inside of your home, having a pendant light can make a huge difference. Pendant lights are charming, sleek and beautiful to look at. Take advantage of all this by displaying a modern pendant that is bold and makes the area feel grand with the simple use of light fixtures.

Multiple Lights

The grander your light fixtures are the better when you are blending multiple light fixtures together. Keep in mind, you want to make a statement throughout.

Why have one light fixture when you can have multiple ones? The idea is to use numerous sources of lighting to make the room feel whimsical. Regardless of your porch is fully open or closed in, having multiple sources of lighting ensures you always have a brightening feature in space. Consider having lanterns and string lights weaved together for the perfect outcome.

Industrial Pendant

Purchase colorful industrial fixtures to truly make a daring statement right where you need it most.

Not all pendants are designed the same way, particularly if you are working with an industrial light fixture. Industrial lighting is much more modern yet with a 1950s sort of vibe to it. There is something about having such a classic, timepiece that makes the entire space come to life. Pair with modern décor to make your pendant the main staple.

Globe String Lights

The bigger your globes the grander the statement they will make. Consider having them displayed in a uniformed look for the biggest impact.

String lights have always been an outdoor top favorite. They feel whimsical and look just as dainty. However, if you want to take a bolder approach towards string lights, consider globe lights. Globe lights appear just as dainty but on a bigger scale. Additionally, they can be paired with other softer fixtures.

Minimal Sconces

When going the minimal route, consider having multiples of the same one for the biggest impact.

All of your outdoor décors does not need to be bold and in your face, sometimes you want something more traditional and that is where minimal sconces come into play. They add lighting right where you need them without taking away from your décor. Consider them the staple of the room without being difficult to work with.

Hanging Lanterns

Pair your hanging lanterns with string lights for a bold effect that screams coziness.

Add a delicate touch to your porch by having hanging lanterns. Not only are they sleek and charming, but they light the entryway of your home. Think of them as the perfect touch to your décor without taking away from what you already have. Furthermore, it adds to your décor while embracing, how your décor is set up.

Daring Chandelier

Allow your chandelier to make the statement, it was intended to make by purchasing a large piece that feels like art.

Without missing a beat, you might fall in love with the idea of having a daring chandelier. Chandeliers do not always have to be large and in charge. Sometimes they can be dainty and sleek while showcasing just the right amount of lighting. Pair with smaller fixtures to make your décor have a seamless feel to it.

Table Lamps

Use multiple table lamps to make a statement in every corner of your porch.

If you have a table or seating area in your porch area, it could be time to add table lamps. They not only embrace the room, but they add a chic warming effect that makes the space feel unique. Add two matching fixtures for the perfect display that makes the room feel grand.

Which of these light fixtures would you like to have on your porch? Share with us below.


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