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Cedar Porch House transforms peripheral element into focal point

CWB Architects are the designers of this upstate New York home, and have turned what is typically a peripheral feature – the porch – into its main focus. The wood clad house was made to make the most of its forest home, dubbed Bug Acres of Woodstock. The property enjoys leafy trees and a creek bubbling by, and with a name like “Bug Acres,” it seems the cedar porch plays an important role in not just the architecture, but in appreciation of nature as well. Outdoor entertaining areas and a rustic house style make this a true nature-lover’s retreat. Check it out.

The new house was made to replace an existing weekend retreat on the same site. From the architects, “The goal for the new house was to blend with the surrounding landscape while amplifying the owner’s visual and auditory experience of the landscape from interior spaces.” This cedar porch opens to a rock outcropping and cantilevers over the steam – a perfect place to recline, relax and take it all in.
This indoor-outdoor living area is outfitted with simple patio-style furniture, and a cast-iron fireplace feature.
The roof is angled upward and outward, maximizing the windows and the views. On approach to the main house, the porch also features a dining area for alfresco eating and entertaining. On the back wall, glass doors lead into the house.
Through the glass door and into the main volume, the aesthetic is cool and clean, in contrast to the warm, woody facade and surroundings. The architect explains, “The ‘horizontal’ window in the living room focuses ones view down through the lawn and towards the natural wetlands. The ‘vertical’ window draws one’s eye to a rock outcropping across a stream.”
A stone fireplace anchors this open, two-storey living area.
The vertical window stretches almost to the soaring ceiling, inviting the views and natural light inside. Simple glass pendant lights suspended from the ceiling are like glowing orbs, floating in mid-air. The interior palette is cool, calm and comfortable.
The dining area…
…and a table with a view.
A glass door leads from the kitchen out to the cedar porch.
A serene, floral bedroom. The bed is overlooked by a window framing scenes of the outdoors.
Another bedroom and office area, featuring large windows with ever-changing vistas. We love the simple, lantern style light overhead.
The stairs lead up through the stairwell, past a glass wall reaching up to the ceiling.
This private, upper-level loft sits peacefully behind glass. Beyond it, a wood-slat facade offers sun, shade and slits of scenery.
The chairs placed on the porch remind us of theater seats, awaiting their guests and the starry night sky.
Floor plans:
CWB Architects
via Desire to Inspire


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