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Cool Bathtubs – newest bathtub designs from Aquamass

Aquamass are well-known for their exceptionally cool bathtubs designs. Here is a handful from the fantastically imaginative selection available. The Dip series features the Dip D-lighting Chromo bathtub. This is a stunning translucent bathtub that glows with relaxing chromotherapy light. The Hi-Bath is perfect for fans of modern decor who also enjoy a long soak in the tub. The tub has attractive, comfortable clear plastic head-rests and also a magazine holder! The Stone One series stars wonderful mosaic bathtub decoration, such as the precious Stone One Buddha Bar Hotel Limited Edition bathtub. The dragon mosaic is stylish and memorable. Bianco Multicolour is from the colorful Bianco series – a great way to dress your bath up in ‘haute couture’! Multi-faceted like a precious gem… the Diamond series baths are accented with Diamond Strass Swarovski Crystals. Unforgettably cool bathtubs… from Aquamass.
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