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Black Bathtubs for Modern Bathroom Ideas with Freestanding Installation

For striking and often glamor bathroom ideas, black bathtubs are the perfect choice. To make a bathtub the focus point, you’ll do best with the freestanding installation. Made from ceramic, stone or other modern materials, some tub designs are stark, and some more ornate. From luxury to zen, bathroom decor has grown up and clearly, black is back. Check out these 25 designs and their sources.

Modern Black Bathtubs

Update: we’ve found two more modern freestanding black bathtubs that are really worth mentioning as they are quite unusual. Here they are – the top two in this section…
The Wave tub by Zad is a large and highly ergonomic design offering back support and an elegant wavy shape. With its low profile, it’s easy to get in and out of, and can be produced in bi-color.
Space Ship is another modern bathtub by Zad with an unusual futuristic design. Freestanding and rounded, it looks like an aerodynamic space capsule, thus the name. And it’s also quite large.
The BetteLux black tub above offers a unique opportunity to lend the bath a new look – a freestanding bathtub on the minimalist steel frame that can be finished in a modern enamel color of your choice. The design is so precise that the corners of the bath are flush with the frame. From Bette.

The above is probably our favorite black bathtub – wouldn’t you just feel like you’re driving a sports car while you take a bath in the Corcel No. 1 Carbon? And it’s visionary, made of carbon. You can’t get much stronger than that. And clearly, with this piece, black is back. You’ll be at the pinnacle of modern bathroom decor with this bathtub design. And it’s not just the carbon – the bath is finished with a surface coating that otherwise is found only in the high-end sector of luxury cars. And talk about the definition of exclusive – this limited edition only produced 51 units. Vroom.
The Karolina black bath design above by Aquatica has a Zen sense about it. This graphite black freestanding bathtub features organic curves The black bathroom decor theme has clearly evolved into a modern trend.
This sleek modern black bathtub, Kali’ from Blubleu, has a motion about it – fluid curves, strong lines. Not to mention, matching headrests. Does bath time get any better?

The Vision tub (above) takes bathroom design to a whole new level. Not for everyone – but a certainly unique bathtub. From Gruppo Treesse.
The Scoop tub by Falper is a design that looks just like that – a scoop. Round, soft lines lend an Asian influence to your bathroom’s decor.
The La Belle black bathtub (above) by Villeroy & Boch has geometric flair. This boldly formed freestanding tub has plenty of room to splash around and is designed with ergonomic care. This timeless tub would suit any decor and provide hours of soaking pleasure.
The Mimo (above), a quality black ceramic bathtub from Laufen, makes a big impact in a small bathroom. Perfect for small spaces, but big on design.
The tub above in the Fontana & Fonte Collection – from Ceramica Flaminia of Italy – looks like a large wash basin with a vessel faucet. But it’s giant size – big enough to be a tub, with a shower!
The freestanding black bathtub (above) from Vallone is named Vesuv – after a volcano in the Gulf of Naples. Made of velvet stone, it is elevated by its simplicity and striking lines. Charcoal black on the outside, satin white on the inside, it’s a luxurious nod to modern bathroom idea.
The Vox Black bathtub from Mastella (above) has an organic feel with its egg shape and gently rounded edges. Modern, while again adding an ever-so-slight Asian touch in the Zen of the curves and simplicity of the flat mat finish. Looks like a great place to relax!

Black Clawfoot Bathtubs

This Impero Style freestanding black bathtub by Guilini has a certain presence. Very imperial and a gorgeous piece of bathroom furniture. Regal, in fact.

Suspended Bathtubs

This bathtub design (above) is the most exquisite piece we have ever seen. It would truly elevate the level of any bathroom, anywhere in the world. This suspended bathtub by Splinter Works floats on air. How magnificent – such a piece of art, manifested in bathroom decor.

Glamor Luxury Tubs

A diamond in the rough? This black bathtub has a bit of opulence built right in. From Maison Valentina, this diamond-cut modern tub design rocks.
Saturnia (above), the black bathtub from Visionaire Home, isn’t exactly modern. More like Rococo. But clearly black is back across the spectrum – this ornate bathroom idea shows that.
Also from Visionaire Home – the Marienbad bathtub (above).
This insanely high end bathtub – Stone One Coco (above) from Aquamass – has designer bones (you cant tell by the quilted skin). It’s made in Belgium from a marble powder composite and will hold up until the end of time. Makes quite the statement piece in any bathroom, or master bedroom – for $20,000+, who wants to hide it in the bathroom?
Nina, the decadent, decorative tub from Gruppo Treese of Italy (above) features a jet black bathtub done in high gloss with a streaking star across its surface. Custom art optional. Luxury included.

Retro-Modern Tubs

The Suite Collection by Antonio Lupi (above) features this gorgeous black design. We love the feet. A hint of retro but modern decor all the way. Classic form and design – using Cristalplant materials.
The Pear Cut tub, by Patricia Urquiola for Agape Designs (above) has a black mat finish with a white collar, turned over, just so.
The York bathtub, by Gentry-Home, is a cast iron beauty. The twist? It’s coated in black leather. Yup, that’s right, black leather. Talk about an unusual tub!
The Capital black bathtub (above), from Devon & Devon, is nothing less than stately. A cast iron bathtub, its exterior is coated with aluminum. And it has no faucet holes – this freestanding tub is meant to pair with a classic freestanding bath faucet.
The Old Lavande cast iron black bathtub is a freestanding work of art from Bleu Provence. Made of cast iron with enameled interior, it’s sturdy and stylish. And deep. We’d love to take a long hot bath in this one.

Black and White Bathtubs

And we finish with a couple of tubs that are black and white – a little off the black bathtub mandate but worth featuring. Once again we have leather wrap around a classically-shaped vessel bathtub. From Aquamass – Stone One Just Animals luxury bathtubs. The luxurious pattern is printed on a leather skirting – this one is the classic cowhide. Who hasn’t wanted Western-theme bathroom decor? Head ’em up!
Above we have the Organico line from Bisazza. This bathtub is extremely sleek with smooth, curved lines. Contemporary and lean – it’s a great modern bathtub design in black (and white) for that spa look.

For more modern bathroom ideas, check out our selection of wooden bathtubs and also the general modern bathroom furniture section.


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