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Geared toward the modern design enthusiast and connoisseur, Trendir.com is an expansive online resource that offers the latest trends in modern house design and decorating. Beautiful photographs are like eye candy to showcase a variety of on-trend design choices, whether they relate to interior, exterior, or architectural contemporary design.

But, who’s running Trendir?

Tania Karpova

Tania Karpova


Tania’s career started after four years of cultural studies and an award-winning honor thesis on postmodernism. With a wide spectrum of interests that include interior design, culture and entertainment (namely music and video games), Tania makes time to write her own blog Rabbit on Page. She lives in Bishkek — a fast-developing city that drowns in greenery and mixes various cultures, loves to visit new places and take roads trips, which somehow often happen by train.

She also likes cats, food, and good quality TV shows.

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Istiana Bestari

istiana bestari

World explorer – writer

Lover of dark chocolate, pastel colours, and yoga, Istiana is a lifestyle blogger and travel vlogger from Toronto. After completing her Bachelor degree in music production, Istiana embarked on a global vlogging adventure across Europe and Asia.

Inspired by the fashion, architectural design, and culture seen on her travels, Istiana shares her experiences online to inspire others to live healthy and creative lifestyles.

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