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Kitchen Design for Lofts: 3 Urban Ideas from Snaidero

Kitchens in lofts are usually completely exposed to the social zone and as such most owners of an urban loft want a kitchen design filled with modern ideas that are not just functional but beautiful as well. Snaidero has come up with several urban kitchen designs for lofts that are filled with contemporary ideas that coincidentally are called Loft. We’ve focused on 3 of the most interesting versions with two boasting a light wood look melamine finish called Canyon Oak and the third showcasing a dark grey melamine finish called Fossil Oak. Aside from the wood look aesthetic, all three of the kitchens showcase metal frameworks and graphic panels that can be used in individualized mix and match compositions.

The Industrial Look

Lofts often have an industrial edge and it is for this reason that Snaidero designed an urban kitchen with an industrial aesthetic, which includes the Canyon Oak look cabinetry, Peltro and Artico White laminates for the counter surfaces and a Bronzo color wire glass with matching Peltro frame for the wall unit.

The industrial style kitchen is fitted with their new Nolita handle in a Peltro finish.
All of the Snaidero Loft kitchens come with graphic panels that can be used in conjunction with the wood look doors and drawers, and the graphic pattern in this industrial style design is called Azulejos texture and is a monotone composition of mixed ornate tiles.
Upper cabinets can be a closed door style in either wood look or wire and Bronzo finished glass, or they can be an open aluminum shelving. The upper cabinets also come with built-in LED lights.
By using two different laminates on the work surfaces and changing the heights slightly where they come together, the industrial feel to this loft kitchen seems more authentic.
The open aluminum shelving is designed to look just a little bit like scaffolding with its Peltro finishing and square tube design.
In keeping with the industrial design aesthetic the St.Louis stove hood is kept simple and features the same Peltro finishing as the handles.

The Modern Look

The modern Loft kitchen is all about combining concrete look counters with the Canyon Oak cabinetry but to add a touch of razzle dazzle to this kitchen, the stove hood has been replaced with their Oslo hood.
The new Snaidero Container hides a 3 feet deep laundry room, seamlessly integrated into the pantry cabinetry.
For the closed upper cabinets, the wire and Bronzo finished glass cabinets are fitted with LED lights to enhance the sense of airiness and space within the Loft kitchen.
Even though some of the upper cabinets are exposed shelving, the backs of the shelving repeat the wood plank look.
Doors have been designed to completely integrate with the kitchen cabinetry.
Word art door panels called Coffee have been designed to flow with the look of concrete whether the concrete is used for a countertop, floor, wall or ceiling.
What is also really cool about the storage beneath the stove is the fact that each of the three units are pull-out shelving, making accessibility to the complete compartment really easy.
Don’t you just love that Oslo stove hood?
The center island is a standard dining table height so its seating can be used anywhere in the loft, making this design multifunctional.
Since the laundry room is integrated into the pantry wall, and its design is 3 feet deep (washer and dryer opposite each other on either side of the frosted glass door), there is space for a pull out pantry at the back of the side. Now that’s being efficient with space!

The Urban Look

This urban Loft kitchen design (above) uses the same elements as the one with the modern look but it features the weathered looking “Fossil Oak” melamine and also punches it up with a pop of color, which in this case is a bold and very beautiful yellow lacquered wood.
The graphic panels on the pull out drawers have replaced the word art with a Hound’s tooth texture and that is just fun!
Since the yellow shelving is the feature of this kitchen design it does not have a wood plank look backing but lets the wall finish show through.
This urban Loft kitchen mixes in push/pull hardware on some of the cabinet doors.
Did you notice how beautifully the brass pendants go with the yellow shelving?
I don’t know what I like more, the weathered Fossil Oak look cabinetry, the Oslo stove hood, the Hound’s tooth textured panels or the yellow millwork, it’s all comes together into such a beautiful kitchen design perfect for urban lofts.
There is nothing like a modern European Kitchen Design.


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