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Open Vertical House Plan with Lofts and Platforms

Japanese architecture firm Jun Igarashi Architects designed this platform house in Hokkaido, Japan with some interesting loft design ideas, to say the least. The simple facade makes way for a complex, open concept house plan – and when we say “open” we mean a floor-to-ceiling void of a space, outfitted with a series of winding staircases and vertical steps (which makes us think of Snakes and Ladders) leading you past peek-a-boo walls and up to open levels overhead. This vertical house organizes its rooms upward as opposed to horizontally, adding extra living space to a limited footprint. And forget the Stairmaster – apart from its unusual aesthetic, this house will give you a good workout.

The minimalist structure is essentially a block of blocks, all in white with small windows checkering its facade.
The home’s exterior looks a little unapproachable and closed off, which only makes it all the more intriguing.
The interior welcomes you with the home’s signature feature right off the bat – a peek-a-boo wall with an open white staircase reaching through and winding its way overhead. Your eye wants to climb it, and your feet are quick to follow. This vast, floor-to-roof void acts as a buffer zone between the outdoors and in.
To maximize living space on this minimal footprint, the architect decided multiple platforms was the way to go. The staircases work their way through this open interior, leading up to its various loft spaces. These levels of living space replace the traditional room concept, lending privacy to each “room” but maintain an open look and feel throughout.
Windows cut into the interior walls add to the home’ whimsical aesthetic, while keeping separate rooms connected and letting natural light flow throughout. Though not your typical kitchen window view, this one is certainly an eyeful!
These interior windows not only offers views from one room to the next, but they actually give the house totally see-through sight lines.
This office area features a built-in shelf which runs from floor to the loft overhead, offering plenty of space for storage and display.
The wood details throughout – the floors, ceilings, and lofts levels – bring warmth to the cool white palette.
This house has a fun, playful appeal, perfect for a family with kids. It’s like having a playground built right into your home!
The levels are suspended with by wires, leaving open views while lending stability and support.
The kids’ play area is tucked on the upper level, out of the way but in plain sight.
The bathroom is the only closed off area of the house – with good reason. The rest of the home is designed as an ode to family life and togetherness.
Jun Igarashi Architects
photo credit: Daici Ano


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