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Time Kitchen by Snaidero in Timeless Teak

Home is where the heart is, and for chefs, their hearts are front and center in their kitchens, but the same should hold true for anyone and everyone who spends time in a kitchen preparing a meal or even just a snack. We should all love our kitchens and enjoy the process of culinary creations and we should all want to spend “Time” in our kitchens, even if we are just an observer of someone else’s food artistry. Snaidero understands this and has designed the Time kitchen to be just that, a place we would all love to hang out and with the ever-timeless teak as the wood of choice within the millwork, who wouldn’t want to cook in it?
The attention to details is everywhere you look in the Time kitchen, from the amazing Extractro hood to the teak wood millwork, Time has been designed to incorporate a sleek, linear aesthetic.

The horizontal lines are emphasized with the slatted detail within the teak, created with a special surface process that makes precise printed incisions.
The ergonomic handles are made from aluminum alloy and are installed in a symmetrical pattern on either end of each drawer.
The shape of the handles add a slash of angles to the horizontal graining within the millwork.
The angled Stainless Steel worktop also breaks up the rectangularity of the cabinetry.
The worktop is 9cm thick which is the same thickness as the teak between the incised lines.
The Extractro Hood is made from Stainless Steel and comes in a 90cm or 120cm size with a motor of 600 m3 extraction capacity.
The Extractro Hood as well as the upper cabinets are all fitted with LEDs.
The glass faced cabinets feature frosted glass in two different configurations of either hinged doors or sliding glass panels.
The inside of the glass door units are lined with aluminum sheeting.
The under cabinet unit is open faced with teak sides and Stainless Steel shelves.
The Stainless Steel shelf in the open faced unit holds a large ceramic utensil holder and spice jars.
Floating Stainless Steel shelves have been designed to continue the line of the Extractro hood.
A Stainless Steel hanging bar can be mounted on the backsplash behind the stove for easy access to cooking utensils.
Whether the Extractro hood is used with or without it’s sister accessories, its double curve design melts into the rest of Time’s design.
For added functionality the upper cabinets and Extractro hood are also fitted with power units on their undersides.
Aside from the gorgeous teak wood and Stainless Steel elements, Time also comes in high gloss polymeric laminate in white.
The consistency of using a 9cm thick design feature whether on the work stations, the side panels, the shelving and even the kick has the effect of framing the various areas as though they where individual vignettes.
The mix and match aspect of the teak wood and the polymeric laminate means each Time kitchen can be individualized in appearance.
The mix and match aspect does not mean you have to mix and match.
There is even a 90cmx160cm Time table designed to work with the kitchen.
Snaidero kitchens are the epitome of kitchen design and whether you prefer this timeless teak idea or a kitchen design for lofts, Snaidero never disappoints.


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