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Fabulous Futuristic Vanities from Il Bagno Bandini – Atmosfera and Onda

Bandini vanity Atmosfera in Lemon Green with matching mirror and shelves
These Bandini vanities are so hip it hurts. The amazing Atmosfera and Onda vanities take you to another dimension – one that is as bright and bold as we could hope the future to be. Formed of bend plywood and finished with a high-shine, touchable surface – the vibrant hues of the vanities highlight their imaginative forms. And as I learned as a child who loved colouring in, black edging makes bright hues even vivid and striking. The Atmosfera vanity has alternating curves and diagonal lines; whereas the Onda has a bubble-like roundness. Both collections have a lovely transparent sink in the same colour as the vanity, a mirror with rounded corners, a chest of drawers and wall shelves for storage and display. Eye-catching style with super-modern, fluid forms, the Atmosfera and Onda vanities are presented by the groundbreaking Italian company Bandini.
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Bandini vanity Atmosfera with matching vessels
Bandini vanity Onda in Orange
Bandini vanity Onda with a drawer

Bandini Onda drawer chest


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