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Totally Integrated Sink-Faucet from Bandini – the Arya combination

Bandini Faucet Arya made from corian
A remarkable sink-faucet arrangement from Il Bagno Bandini, the Arya is sure to attract all eyes. A modern bathroom will benefit from the focal point that Arya creates… a corian faucet allows water to fall in a wide, refreshing stream. Two design choices involve either a sink-faucet made one in a curious integrated form, or another where the water flows freely into a clear basin. The entire Arya system also includes a shelving system and mirror… a fully unified design. The dynamic combination is suitable for modern interiors. Available from Bandini, the Arya is for those with a discerning feel for cutting-edge design.
Bandini integrated sink-faucet Arya
Bandini corian faucet Arya with a glass bowl
Bandini integrated sink-faucet Arya detail

Bandini integrated sink-faucet Arya with a mirror


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