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Design Faucets – new bathroom faucets from Bandini will make you want them!

With strong design presence, the new Idra and Piano faucets are bathroom faucets from Bandini. Pleasingly asymmetrical and wholly stylish, the European-designed faucets are cool and cosmopolitan. Both incorporate wide, flat water outlets to create a gushing waterfall-effect.

Idra is a free-standing, sculpted piece, which is ideal for use with high-sided sinks. Its self-confident stance and gentle curves make it a pleasure for the user to negotiate. Piano slants diagonally to the side… it is a focal point for any contemporary bathroom. It makes use of a lively, yet geometrically controlled visual language. Refined modern design faucets for your bathroom: the new Idra and Piano are from Rubinetterie Bandini.

The 3 more gorgeous design collections will be available shortly… Cinema, Eden, Ring.

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