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Bathroom Faucet from Bandini – the Arya Glass Waterfall Faucet

A sculptural play of light and water, the Arya Glass Waterfall bathroom faucet from Bandini offers an open elemental design. A wall-mounted design, the water flows out of a narrow slot before running down a curved glass platform. Simple and elegant, the Arya Glass bathroom faucet offers the natural sound and beauty of falling water into the glamorous basin of your choice. With a single cylindrical lever, the faucet retains a minimalist simplicity for a modern sophistication. A brilliant combination of glass, metal and water, the Arya bathroom faucet shimmers with reflected light. A glamorous faucet from the Bandini collection, the Arya Glass Waterfall Faucet blends the natural beauty of water with gleaming modern design.

A metal version of Arya Waterfall is also available:


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