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40 Stunning Luxury Bathrooms with Incredible Views

There are rooms with a view, and then there are bathrooms with a view. What better way to bathe or shower? We’ve collected 40 of the most stunning, most luxurious bathrooms with incredible vistas if we do say so ourselves. We’ve got ocean, mountain, treetops, river and desert views. And all of the bathrooms are pretty spectacular themselves. Just imagine sinking deep into a relaxing tub, maybe a candle or two, a good book, a glass of wine? Does it get any better? We think not.

Stunning Bathrooms with Water Views

Water views are some of our favorite vistas. And there’s something about sitting in a tub of water – looking at the water.
This magnificent view overlooks the Pacific Ocean from a minimalist house in Japan. Source

The windows in this stunning bathroom almost feel like a ship – especially looking at that incredible view. The floor is Mexican tile and check out the light fixture over the tub – we love it. Source
fireplace-ocean-view-florida-bathroom-canoe-shaped tub-3.jpg
Sigh. A fireplace and an ocean view. This Florida bathroom has a canoe-shaped tub and a real Zen feel. Source
From La Jolla, California – a scenic tub design attached to the master bedroom. Do you see that sunset? Source
Located in Tel-Aviv, and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this stunning bathroom has a corner made of glass to maximize the view. Source
Floor to ceiling glass walls in this Puerto Vallarta, Mexico bathroom make you feel as if you’re showering Al Fresco. Source
This Naples, Florida bathroom has a long view over the Gulf of Mexico – and soaker tub. Source
On the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea, the vistas from this bathroom are magnificent. Source
Overlooking English Bay from West Vancouver – the view is breathtaking. And the bathroom’s not bad, either. Source
The shore is covered in mist early in the morning. How serene does this bathroom look? What a view. Source
The Ottawa River House was designed by architect Christopher Simmonds and the bathroom was no exception when he handed out the views. Source
This sunken marble tub really does make one feel bathed in luxury. And the ocean home in Greece has incredible vistas to boot. Source
This incredible private villa has a bathroom overlooking the Mediterranean sea from the island of Corsica. Source

Luxury Bathrooms with Mountain Views

The mountains are always so majestic and a long mountain view is hard to beat.
This Aspen Colorado bathroom has a deep, sunken tub for your mountain viewing pleasure. And look at the size of that shower! Source
The shower is made of glass, so the great Scottsdale view is incredible from the bathtub or the shower. Source
A gorgeous summertime scenery from this stunning bathroom in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Don’t you love all the slate tiles? It’s rustic, but modern. Source
Another Steamboat Springs bathroom with a view, this time a long mountain view. Aren’t those logs incredible? That must have been some tree. And we do so love copper tubs. Source
This minimalist bathroom has one of the best mountain views we’ve seen. And we love how the shower disappears. Source
Wow – imagine looking at that mountain view from this sunken tub. What a gorgeous bathroom this is – and the vistas just top it all off. Source

Beautiful Views of the Greens

Treetops or pastures, or even gardens – a green view is one of the most serene.
A charming green garden is seen from the sunken tub in this bathroom in France. Source
This house is packed with stunning architectural features, not the least of which is this awesome bathroom. Love the light fixture. Source
This Park City Utah luxury bathroom combines slate tiles with a green treetop view for bathing perfection. Source
A decidedly Asian look bathroom, with the palm trees in the window. The floor is quartz tile by the way. Really looks like river rocks, doesn’t it? Source
A black viewing tub in the master bedroom overlooks pastures in this home in Zurich, Switzerland. Source
You can see trees from this modern bathroom in the Totem House in Toronto. Source

Desert Views

Desert views can be quite striking. And from the Tumbleweed to the Seguero Cactus – the views are distinct – there’s no wondering where you are.
Tumbleweeds rule in the backyard of this Scottsdale home. The luxury bath has floor to ceiling windows overlooking desert hills. Source
The Arizona desert almost looks like a painting – and the shower of this bathroom is mostly outdoors. Source
Have a deep luxurious soak in this tub while gazing at the desert hillside view. Source
This huge bathroom even has a TV, but it can’t complete with the view – desert hills and Seguero cacti. Source

Views of City Landscapes

And then we’ve got the bright lights, big city view. Is there anything as stunning as the twinkling lights of the city? And imagine, viewing it all from your tub.
This incredible bathroom is off the main bedroom and has a view of Miami. Look how long that soaker tub is! Source
What a gorgeous New York city view at dusk. These are million dollar views, aren’t they? Source
More city views and a stunning, sleek looking bathroom. The candles add a nice touch. Source
432 Park Ave – need we say more? Source
An iconic scene from another urban bathroom. We would never leave that tub! Source
Mornings wouldn’t be so bad if we could start them inside a room like this one! Source

Bathrooms with Access to Outdoors

People think outdoor bathrooms must be rustic. Not so – as the examples below show. There are some very modern, very upscale examples. And when you are in an outdoor bathroom, the view surrounds you.
This egg-shaped bathtub has a great tropical look – and it’s covered for rainy season. Source
The view from this outdoor bathroom is incredibly romantic. It’s all about the lighting. Source
Bamboo surrounds you and the scenery is decidedly tropical from the rock tub bathroom at Hotel Tugu Lumbok in Indonesia. Source
This luxury bathroom has an incredible ocean view from underneath the rainfall shower. Not to mention all that great salt air. Source
So there you have 40 of the most stunning bathrooms with incredible views – from the long ocean horizon to the tropical outdoor jungle. Which one was your favorite? We’re pretty sure that if your home has a bathroom like any of these, you’re spending a lot of time in the tub.


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