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Awesome Seafront Apartment Has Stunning PuraVida Bathroom to Enjoy a Soak and a View

Apartment 3 located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and designed by interior architect Daniel Hasson, is all about the amazing views of the endless sky and sea views while still creating a home filled with cozy and comfortable furnishings. Daniel has been able to do both by letting the vistas be both the color and the art within the apartment and filling the space with neutral walls, flooring, ceiling and furnishings. Couches are deep and cozy with tabletops are within easy reach of every sitting location. The bases of the furniture and some of the pillows are presented in deep, deep tones to add a depth to the room.

A conversation nook in the corner is created by two single armed side chairs sharing an ottoman, this allows whomever is seated at each of the two chairs to either face into the room or out to the view and here too, a table surface is close at hand for a book or glass. The soft grey upholstery used the furnishings is the perfect shade to let the brilliant blues of the ocean and sky breathe life into the room while the sandy shades of the drapery add a beachy aesthetic to the space.
While the floor to ceiling glazings on two side of the living room let the views permeate the apartment with multiple shades of blue, the black, white and gold contrasts bring an element of luxury and preciousness to the space.
The living room is not the only social space overlooking seascapes on two sides; the dining room is also wrapped in glazings on two sides with the kitchen and living room on its other two. Cooking, eating, living – all with sea views and all featuring luxurious and comfortable furnishings and while the views bring in the water and the drapes represent the beach, the polished stone dining table adds in the effect of a large boulder sitting high above the lapping water.
The dining pendant lines up perfectly with the stainless steel hood over the cooktop, which – along with the sink – is located in the island, allowing the cook to enjoy the views while preparing meals. With no upper cabinets on the waterside, the wall behind the island features floor to ceiling cabinets as well as the ovens and fridge. With all the hardscaping of the kitchen the full draperies keep the space feeling warm and cozy.
While the social zone uses its softscaping of pillows and drapes to create pattern, the bathroom installation by Duravit brings in pattern via the black and white tiles used both on the floor and shower stall. It’s a fun geometric pattern that plays off of the movement within the waves just outside the windows. What an awesome place to enjoy a soak in that stunning PuraVida bathtub!
The PuraVida bathtub has an effortless flow with the ocean within its curvaceous silhouette and that amazing floor mounted faucet – wow – what a sculptural moment that brings to the vignette.
A second bathroom within the apartment features the same look as the first – but in reverse and the effect is just as stunning. I love the striped shades used on the wall sconces and the black pin striping on the counter accessories – absolutely no details where overlooked here!
Duravit AG
Daniel Hasson photography


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