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Cozy Apartment Decorated in Pure Modern Scandinavian Style

This Swedish urban apartment is a great example of modern Scandinavian interior design. The optical white walls and the light essence wood floors are a sine-qua-non in any typical Scandinavian interior. Then there is the mixes of new with the old, even with some DIY pieces, just note the low tables and the shelves which are made out of wooden crates of all types, shabbily painted. There is also the use of fabric, with knitted throws, pillows and accent rugs. The lighting is in line with the overall decoration, with minimal light bulb pendants and visible electrical cables, as well as vintage looking floor and table lamps. The fact that this apartment is located under the roof of an old building gives it a special charm, but also many irregular and sloping lines, as well as niches and rounded surfaces. The designers have made skillful use of these spaces, fitting in the bathroom, the dining table and creating cozy corners. The different heights under the ceiling as well as the roof windows let the natural light invade the apartment. The stove with its tall visible chimney adds to the Scandinavian charm of the place. A beautiful example of how to make more with less and obtain a cozy and contemporary atmosphere!

A stair-like shelf-wall delimits the entrance area from the living space. In also creates the perfect corner to place the stove, which gives warmth and light to the whole open space.
The living room is left almost bare, except for some vintage Scandinavian designer pieces- a sofa and two non-matching lounge chairs.
This picture gives a good impression of the amazing volume of this otherwise quite small apartment.
The dinning table is strategically placed in a niche between the kitchen and the living room, so that is visually makes the transition from one open space to another.
The bedroom is quite Spartan, with the bed as almost the only piece of furniture: no headboard, no night tables. The old uneven wall is left as such and simply painted white. And yet the overall feeling is cozy, due to the skillful use of pillows, knits and the of warmth the sheepskin carpet.
A few wooden crates form an original bookshelf and a wooden chair is placed under the window, making a perfect reading corner.
The home office is simple yet functional. A simple trestle-desk and a vintage chair face a white wall with framed black-and-white drawings.
The bathroom, niched in a small space next to the entrance, is a very functional space. The shower is cleverly built as a walk-in space with glass doors that line the wall when unused, in order to leave the space free. A washing machine & dryer column is placed under the lowest side of the ceiling.
The kitchen is a practical block set along the wall facing the balcony. When the balcony door is open, the two spaces seem to reunite. The units are white as well as the tiled backsplash, in harmony with the white walls of the apartment.
The rooftop balcony is an important space of this urban apartment, which looks very relaxing with its wooden walls, nice vegetation and cozy sofa. At night, the lights give it a fairytale dimension.


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