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Royal Blue Kitchen on Light Color Floors is a Modern Contemporary Dream

This deep royal blue kitchen, contrasted with light color floors, is really a modern contemporary dream. It’s a clean design, with built-in appliances and it’s from Casamanara. Very up-to-date cabinet door designs, a modern Shaker style, really. And the design adds a lot of visual interest, especially given the number of cabinets. It could get boring, quickly. But it doesn’t. You see the unusual high cabinet wall on the left? And the full height cabinets above the fridge – courtesy of industrial loft-height ceilings – it’s all part of the design. The long vertical cabinet door handles match the fridge door handles while confirming the contemporary look. On the right, the horizontal see-through cabinet doors break very nicely with the vertical movement of the rest of the cabinets. And the light color countertop below really helps lighten up the space. It’s a very tough blue – it’s dark, and it has it be done right. But it is the light-colored floors that play the most important role in overall design, creating a beautiful, well-balanced contrast. What a beautiful modern kitchen!

Photos by: Evan Joseph


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