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Outdoor Rocking Lounger by Kenneth Cobonpue

Rock out in this modern outdoor rocking lounger by outdoor furniture guru Kenneth Cobonpue. New from the 2011 collection, the Mermaid rocking lounger boasts sexy curves that are as pleasing to the eye as to the body. The design by Hertel & Klarhoefer hugs the natural curves of your body as you recline and relax. The curved contours continue to the bottom of this piece, so you can rock and roll yourself to sweet serenity. The hand-woven polyethylene fiber has a contemporary, sophisticated aesthetic, stretched over a lightweight powder-coated aluminum frame that provides stability and durability in the outdoors. Like the siren song of its namesake, the Mermaid rocker will entrance you – once you sit down, you’ll never want to get up. The lounger measures 186 by 54 by 69 cm, and is available in white, brown and a modern silver finish. More details are available by visiting Kenneth Cobonpue.



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