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High Tech Bathroom Faucets for Digital and Electronic Upgrades

The easiest way to upgrade your modern bathroom can be installing a new high tech bathroom faucet, and with today’s innovative technologies many digital and electronic faucets are available to the home owners. Whether it’s a sink faucet or a bidet mixer, there are plenty of high-tech ideas to choose from. If you’re remodeling, we want you to be aware of what’s available now. Read on for the coolest upgrades and sources.
The high tech bathroom faucet Mood by Noken (above) is a digital sink faucet that comes with a display showing temperature and flow rate. It allows to set programs for teeth brushing, face and hands washing, as well as limits on temperature and flow. It has to be plugged in via a 9V transformer (included), and there is also a battery back-up.
This faucet (above) is a pat of the Mood collection, a new modular bathroom concept that includes sinks and toilets integrated with mirrors, faucets and other bathroom accessories.
The digital display with electronic controls (above) enables the water flow and temperature to be customized for each use and user needs. Noken.

A bathroom faucet with a sliding temperature control – Regolo by CEA Designs. Not digital but no less cool, one slider controls both the water temperature and the flow.
This creative faucet (above) works with either horizontal or vertical installation. Just move the slider right and left or up and down. CEA Designs.
For those looking for modern aesthetics and trendy upgrade ideas, there is HansaLatrava, a high-tech bathroom faucet from Hansa (above). This electronic basin mixer creates a luxurious water experience with a fine water “curtain” achieved through the specially developed jet. Photographs by Octopus Design, the designers of this faucet.
An integrated control panel with two electronic push-buttons, one to turn it on and off and another to adjust water temperature with the visual help of a LED indicator. Power supply is included by Hansa.
This is totally high tech (above) – the HansaMurano X is a touch-free bathroom faucet activated by an infrared motion sensor that not only turns the water on and off but also senses when someone is approaching and turns on the light, presenting the sink with a pretty glow. The top surface also boasts two sensor buttons to set the temperature.
HansaMurano X was designed for Hansa by Bruno Sacco, a former chief designer at Daimler-Benz.
It’s also a waterfall faucet. “Water pours into sink in a broad but wafer-thin laminar spray, while the fine water curtain is created by a special jet former”. A glass layer is sandwiched between the two chrome plates, giving the faucet its characteristic look. Hansa.
For the ultra-modern high-tech upgrades, there is this cool bathroom faucet collection Ametis from Graff. It includes a vessel sink faucet, a countertop sink faucet, a wall-mounted sink faucet and a bidet faucet, all in single-lever design, and in 3 finishes – polished chrome, black, and white.
The lever on / off handle is a modern touch that maintains the sleek, slender lines of the faucet. A LED light ring around the lever indicates water temperature changes. Graff Faucets.
LED lights turn from blue to red and vice versa as the water temperature changes. A fluid design form with a sleek curve sets the Ametis faucets apart from the rest.
This matte black countertop faucet (above) would be a great fit for an ultra modern bathroom.
Above is the electronic bathroom faucet Nomos F4101 from Fima Carlo Frattini. Wow, it looks very high tech, and it can do a lot. Using the touchscreen display, Nomos allows you to regulate the water flow rate and water temperature, program your personal settings and check your water consumption. In addition, there is an on-screen comfort button that offers water at 38°C in an instant. The faucet will also sound alarm if something isn’t working right.
Nomos F4102 electronic sink faucet (above) has a pivoting spout, otherwise it offers the same features as F4101.
Two more faucets (above) from Fima Carlo Frattini with the same electronic touch-screen but in a more classic contemporary design and with a swivel spout – the bidet mixer Nomos GO F4112 and the lavatory mixer Nomos GO F4111.
Grohe has two digital bathroom faucets to offer with the same high tech wireless functionality: Grohe Veris F-Digital (above) and Grohe Allure F-Digital (below). These are some of the coolest faucets available on the market today as they are operated by a wireless Digital Controller that can be placed anywhere around the faucet.
The minimalist Grohe Allure F-digital sink faucet. The circular control has a square base plate to match the faucet design.
Grohe F-digital wireless Digital Controller changes its LED color from blue to red as temperature gets adjusted.
The On/Off button lets you start or stop the water, the Plus/Minus buttons let you adjust the temperature, and the Outside Dial lets you control the water flow by rotating it. The LED illuminated ring gives you instant visual feedback of the water temperature, and a memory function lets you memorize your preferred settings.
Two modern Grohe Veris F-Digital faucets installed on a double-sink vanity, with two wireless controllers placed side by side.
Grohe Veris F-digital wall-mount basin faucet with digital controller attached to natural stone.
Grohe Veris F-digital bidet faucet with digital controller (above).
The KWC ONO touch light PRO bathroom faucet (above) comes in multiple high-tech designs, suitable for a deck-mount or a wall-mount installation. This is not an ordinary faucet which is quite expected from KWC. For greater installation flexibility, it consists of three independent components – a spout, a programmable electronic control and a mixer valve – all three mounted each at its own location as found convenient.
The KWC ONO touch light PRO wall-mount sink faucet and its electronic touch control installed on the same plate.
Above is the KWC ONO touch light PRO electronic control, with two LED lighted rings. Tap briefly once for cold water (blue), twice for warm (orange) or three times for hot water (red), to call up the pre-defined settings. To set your preferred temperature, simply turn the control. To regulate flow, press and turn the control. To memorize your own settings, press the control and hold it down until the light ring shines purple.
There is also an option for a wireless control unit that can be placed anywhere in the room.
BLOK Electronic faucet from Treemme (above) is an interesting combination of an unusual faucet design and an electronic temperature indicator.
The glowing LED-illuminated ring is embedded within the spout, so you can monitor temperature of the water with ease. This attractive and useful feature adds a futuristic edge!
Faucet integrated into a shelf, Blok is a high tech bathroom solution that is very pleasing on the eye and useful at the same time. Treemme.

Grohe Ondus Digital bathroom faucet (above) is a part of the Grohe Ondus Faucet collection and is in a class of its own.

There are three electronic control options: either an integrated one (with a digital display, also integrated), as shown above, or an external wireless panel or both. Back-lit icons on the touch control make it look high-tech. And of course, the coolest feature – a back-lit digital display that shows temperature in large digits – adds to the futuristic look. For a complete list of exiting features, visit Grohe.
For a bathroom sink faucet, there are two designs available – a deck-mount and a wall-mount. And the deck-mount version can be purchased with an integrated aerator or with the Grohe Ondus flow straightener for a cleaner look (shown). Both designs come in several color combinations including one entirely black for a totally high tech appeal. Grohe.

For more ideas on high tech bathroom upgrades, check out our shower head trends as well, and for the latest in all fixtures, check the modern bathroom furniture section.


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