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CEA Regolo Bathroom Faucet Debuts Sliding Temperature Control

This elegant faucet design takes the guesswork out of temperature and flow. One sliding action allows you to control both the water temperature and the flow, just move the slider along the bar from right to left or vice versa. Why didn’t we think of that? Of course, it’s from an Italian company called CEA Design. Doesn’t Italy have the best engineering ideas? This one’s a winner in our book. Controlling the temperature is sometimes the hardest part of that luxurious bath you’ve been deserving. The faucet is designed to be flexible in placement – either horizontal or vertical. The beautiful matte finish marries nicely with the curved tap, and really brings this design home. But the functionality is the thing. Designed by Edoardo Gherardi.

More info: CEA Designs
Via: deco NICHE


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