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Elegant Faucets from Quadro – Ocean

Looking for the ultimate elegant faucet? The new Ocean faucet by Italian company Quadro is dripping with it! This chic, sleek design by Hans Thyge Raunkjaer, founder of Danish design studio RKDO, gets its slim, streamlined look through the micro-casting process. Executed in stainless steel with a POM handle, this elegant faucet for the kitchen or bath is available in an ultra-modern black or white finish. The Ocean kitchen and bath faucet blends beautifully in a minimalist-style space, or quickly becomes the focal point in an elaborate, eclectic room. And there is function beyond the beauty. This fabulous faucet boasts high standards of hygiene, durability and non-toxicity, and a cascade flow of water that mimics a gentle, organic stream. Check out this collection of elegant faucets by visiting Quadro.



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