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Architectural Accents: Sliding Barn Doors for the Home

Have you always wondered what it would be like to live in a barn style home, but haven’t quite gone there yet? How about a test? You could try a small renovation: add a few sliding barn doors to your current home and see if you like the atmosphere they create. Although sliding barn doors are actually a style – the original models were, of course, created from old barn board. And some still are. Many more are made from manufactured wood and glass. And they’re slick – they slide against the wall so the door takes very little footprint when open. That’s a huge advantage. Plus, you can get them in any style to suit any room. The wooden sliding barn doors (sometimes salvaged, sometimes reproduction) are usually paired with the iron hardware and black metals. The glass, on the other hand, goes with chrome or stainless (for the most part). But you can certainly shake it up. They’re an easy DIY, an easy custom assembly from pre-built parts. And all available online.

Wooden Sliding Barn Doors

The classic barn door design – and suitable for any style home from modern to rustic. It can be the showpiece in a white minimalist room. Or it can blend into the wall. Your call with this versatile architectural accent.
This is a good example of a modern wooden sliding barn door that uses black hardware. These double doors open to the kitchen. Source

With this design – bolder hardware was chosen and as a result, your eye pays much more attention to it. The door is custom made from solid reclaimed Kentucky/Tennessee barn siding. Source
The master bath door is rustic Alder. Imagine the space you would lose if you’d put a hinged door on this room – the sliding design is a perfect solution for smaller spaces. Source
This barn door turns the wall of your room into a gallery by framing it so perfectly. Source
And this is the natural way to do a slider. We love this large wood slab as a door – brilliant. Source
You can always add a little art to your door – particularly if you are looking at using it on a stark wall. Source

Glass Sliding Barn Doors

This kitchen uses double sliding doors with Asian-inspired glass panels (frosted). The frame is white and the hardware is stainless steel for a clean look. Source
This modern single glass door has great presence – thanks to the long, sleek handle. Source
This industrial barn door has a huge glass panel to allow natural light, while still closing off the room. Source
Another Asian-inspired glass door, with horizontal lines. Source
This double barn door installation uses frosted glass. Isn’t it interesting how the colors of the two rooms play off each other in such a muted way behind the glass? Source
Wood and glass in horizontal panels – you can’t beat it for a modern room and it goes with almost everything. Source

Painted Sliding Barn Doors

Painted wood always has such a down home, farm look, doesn’t it? The big advantage here is you can paint it (or have it painted) to match whatever you choose. And if you do a distressed paint look – it goes a long way to hiding scratches and nicks. Source
Red is one of our favorites and we’ve always loved exposed brick. Source
The black hardware stands out so nicely with this white door. And nice bedroom, too. Source
This sliding design is actually a real door from an old house. You can pretty much put anything suitable on a track with the right hardware and call it that. It’s a design-style – utilizing the hardware particularly. And doesn’t it save a lot of room? (Source unknown).
This blue door has a distressed paint job – you see how you can’t really hurt it? And it looks great. Source

Exterior Sliding Barn Doors

These exterior barn doors look striking as you come in under the covered deck. Notice the frosted window panes for privacy. Source
White exterior doors look fantastic, too. Notice the dark hardware – one of the few examples we have seen where white and a lot of glass is paired with the black. But it looks stunning. Source
This barn door opens to a garden. Note the appropriate handles! Source
The quintessential reclaimed wood sliding doors. If rustic is your thing, this is your look. Source
This outdoor pavilion uses sliding doors as a partial wall, both a wind break and a privacy break. Source

Hardware Choices for Sliding Barn Doors

You’ll find lots of choices for hardware from modern to rustic. Iron to chrome. Sleek to ornate. Modern to traditional. You get the picture. Your best bet? Buy the whole kit in one package. Many online sources offer complete, all-you-need packages of hardware. You can buy hardware, pulls and handles, locks and accessories, all in the same place. You can even get colors – glossy or mat. Some even offer online barn doors for order. What are you waiting for? Get going!
The horseshoe style hardware is one of the most common – available in many sizes with slight variations in shape and functionality. Source
Great DIY idea for hardware – use a metal pipe and large (and strong) screw eye hooks. A good alternative. Source
This modern kitchen uses sleek stainless steel sliding barn door hardware. And it offsets the range hood, while not being obvious. Source
Stainless and chrome are good choices for more modern installations. Or glass doors, or white. Although we saw above that the iron worked well with the white on an exterior door application. Just depends on your own personal style. Source

Sliding Barn Doors for Windows & Mirrors

What a clever idea, a sliding mirror that doubles as a window cover. Also note – it’s a master bath, with a double sink. No need for two mirrors, just slide one. Source unknown.
This one is a bar! Source
And this one hides the television. Source

A Kitchen Blackboard Sliding Barn Door

What hides behind the chalkboard in this eclectic Montreal row house remodel? The blackboard idea is eclectic – and it works. Source
It’s a bathroom! Source
Installing a sliding barn door is a simple DIY project with a kit and the right tools – you could easily do this on the weekend. Because it’s a short job, if you aren’t handy man inclined, you can hire someone to do it for you at relatively low cost in labor. You can really make these pieces the showpiece – or just a functional door with a tiny footprint. It all depends. As they say, that door is wide open.


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