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Awesome Sliding Barn Door Ideas to Include in Your Home That You Are Sure to Love

Traditional barn doors are no longer only for the barn or outdoor space. They have become a chic addition to interior home décor. As country décor picks up momentum more and more homeowners are seeing the versatility barn doors have to offer. These 9 feet statement pieces work well in all areas of the home. You can place them in any space you think needs a bit of brightening up. The following sliding bar door ideas will make you want to change a door or two in your home.

Dreamy Pantry Door Upgrade

The best aspect barn doors have is that they can be fully customized to whatever you like. You can create the perfect doors for your pantry without much effort. Not only that but the way they slide open makes running in and reach for things a whole lot easier.

If you are lucky enough to have a panty than you know how boring that space can be. The pantry is typically white with simple doors that get the job done. However, give this space an upgrade by changing your doors to sliding barn doors. They are functional and will give the space a charming little twist.

Bathroom Doors

Simple, white barn doors can make all the difference when you’re changing your bathroom doors for barn doors instead. The idea is to incorporate rustic, country appeal where it can be seen as an accessory without intervening with your current bathroom decor.

Just like your panty deserves to have new doors that are functional and charming your bathroom does too. The idea is to have statement doors that add a bit of rustic appeal at the same time. You want to create the same experience with your bathroom door. The key is replacing your current doors with barn doors that are painted in a pastel shade.

Skinny Laundry Doors

Give your laundry room a customized touch by adding the words “laundry” on your skinny barn doors. Skinny barn doors are great because they work well in rooms that are a bit smaller. The smaller the room the skinnier the barn doors should be. This will create a concise look that is not overwhelming.

Barn doors come in multiple different heights and sizes. Therefore, you can incorporate them all around your home without having the same influence from all of them. Use skinny barn sliding doors to change up the look of your laundry room. The chic appeal of the skinny doors will upgrade the appearance of your laundry room while still being rustic but in a modern format.

Media Console Doors

Barn doors as part of your console give the home a farmhouse appeal in a subtle way. They also provide a chic barn house touch that does not take away from the other pieces you may have in your decor. Paint your console a deep, rich color for the best outcome.

Your media console may have many electronics on it, but do you really want everyone to see all the wires coming out of it? If not, adding small sliding barn doors is the way to go. The sliding doors will help you keep everything intact and put away while still being an understated statement. You can also paint your barn doors for a bolder statement.

Part of Your Cabinetry

How cool is a chalkboard barn door cabinet? You can write your grocery list or things that need to be remembered on it. This will give you a retro appeal to your kitchen that is also trendy and charming. Pair your chic chalkboard barn door with simple pieces that add to the decor.

Cabinets are essentials in the kitchen space. However, why not add a retro appeal to them by having a barn door/chalkboard. Adding a chalkboard to your kitchen can be extremely useful. You will have a place where you can write simple messages to your loved ones or you can make a grocery list.

Barn Door Headboard

Adding lights to your barn door headboard is an excellent way to customize the bed space. Incorporating light fixtures to the headboard will brighten up the room while giving you the custom, rustic look that barn doors are known for.

If you have a pair of barn doors, laying around and can’t find a good use for them, use them as your headboard. Your headboard could use a good upgrade, and this could be it. The versatility comes from you being able to paint and/or customize your barn doors any color that would work best for your current room décor. Paint them a bold color for a show-stopping effect or keep them the rustic neutral tone they come in for a country chic feel.

Fire Place Cover

For your fireplace, you do not want to use traditional barn doors as they are typically made out of wood. Instead, you want to use barn doors that are made out of metal. Metal barn doors will bring everything together while adding a cover to your fireplace all at the same time.

This is one of the most ingenious ways to use barn doors while being very stylish. Have small barn doors installed in front of your fireplace for a unique cover that is chic and put together while still being a bold statement piece in the space.

Blue French Doors

The pop of color from the French barn doors will enhance your decor. Even if you already have shades of blue in your living room the rustic feel of these barn doors will help add farmhouse charm while working harmoniously with any other pieces. Choose a shade of blue that shades out from the colors you currently have. 

Adding a bold hue of color to your home may seem like a simple task. However, sometimes it is harder than expected because you don’t want to disrupt your current décor. One way to add color while still being a part of your décor is by adding blue French doors to your living room. The color blue is so versatile it will make the space appear bigger while giving you that pop of color.

Unique Divider

You can choose to use different barn doors for a less traditional look that still has the charming appeal barn doors have. Consider using barn doors that are unfinished, for that rustic outdoor feel. You can even take barn doors directly from outside and customize them to your personal liking. 

Because barn doors are sliding doors, they work well as dividers. You can place them anywhere in the home that needs an added division space. The boldness in the size of the door will provide that statement while still breaking down the different areas of your home. This will work well if you have an open floor plan and want to add a little something extra to create a more divided look.

Black and Contemporary

If you want to give your barn house an updated look that is trendy and unconventional, paint them a shiny black color. The shiny aspect of the barn doors will update the appeal of the traditional doors while still having a farmhouse feel.

When you think of barn doors your first thought may be “they’re red or brown”. However, if you really want that contemporary appeal to the doors, paint them black and place them in a simply decorated area in the home. Doing so will elevate the décor with a modern, sweet touch.

Barn doors are no longer a farmhouse luxury they are now becoming a part of everyday décor. Please let us know below which of these will you be using for inspiration.


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