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Awesome Sliding Barn Door Décor Ideas

Barn doors have come a very long way since their humble beginnings. While they once were all about being outdoors, painted red, and being part of a barn, they’re now grandeur, fun, versatile and many of us would love to have them in our home. However, what many of us run into is the issue of “How do I incorporate such a bold feature into my already awesome décor without breaking the bank or creating chaos in my decorating style?” Well, the answer is simple: you just do! Here are a few ideas to help you decide exactly where you should place your barn doors for a bold, daring display.

Pretty Double Doors

The idea is simple- have daring pretty added decor and your room will come back to life. That’s what barn doors do, they brighten any room.

Sometimes a room needs something pretty, something that feels classic yet engaging to the room. That is where sliding barn doors come into play. Adding pretty double doors that also slide and are barn doors adds that sense of classic in the room while still being put together and fun. Think of this element as the “IT” feature in the room, you want to have that bold additional piece that brings everything full-circle.

Large & In Charge

Large barn doors are great because they bring something unique and new to the room while still being common and farm-like, a mix of both worlds.

Why choose small, minimal barn doors when you can go full speed and use larger ones. The larger doors will bring texture and beauty right where you need it without taking away from your current décor. Furthermore, if you have a smaller room, large barn door can completely make the space feel more alive and genially unique, but with a twist of farmhouse decor.

Room Dividers

When it comes to room dividers you want to have something completely unique as it will showcase how every room has a different purpose. Furthermore, it helps to enhance the individual aspect of each space.

If you have ever lived in a studio, then you know much important privacy is. Privacy is one of those things that is quite rare when you are living in a studio apartment or when you have a smaller home. However, barn doors can easily fix that issue. The main reason being they can effectively help you divide a room in two while still being extremely chic and welcoming. There is also the factor that the room will not feel out of place instead it will blend right in with the rest of your home.

Paint them, Black

Black is such a bold color, that it adds an edgy touch to the home without taking away from the space.

While barn doors tend to have a warmth to them naturally, there is also the feature of being able to paint them. When you’re seeking to paint your barn doors, consider painting them black. Back is not only edge and cool, but it works exceptionally well with numerous decorating styles. Think of it as a neutral that will always work well no matter what kind of décor you may have.

Part of Your Bathroom

When taking your bathroom to the next level with a set of barn doors, you want to consider painting your door white or black in order to have a neutral twist that makes sense to the decor you already have inside.

Have a smaller bathroom that needs a little pick me up? Change your doors to sliding barn ones. The idea is simple, barn doors add a cool, farmhouse approach which makes using them feel effortlessly with just the right amount of beauty. Keeping this in mind, changing your door style might inspire you to change the décor of your bathroom as well.

Laundry Room

It’s simple- barn doors allow you to save space, while still being chic and appealing to the eye. Think of your barn doors as focal points that still feel minimal but with just the right amount of cohesiveness.

Just like changing your bathroom door can make a huge difference in the way the room feels, the same applies to your laundry room. Changing the door not only makes the room feel more modern but it’s great for saving space. Sliding barn doors are excellent when it comes to space saving because they bring something fresh and new to the room without taking much floor space. Diminishing the amount of floor space makes the room feel larger with little to no additional décor. There’s also the element of how sturdy and crisp they can look and feel.

Smoked Glass

The beauty of smoked glass is that it gives you a bit of privacy whiles still being chic and engaging with your current decor.

If you truly want to modernize having barn doors, adding smoked glass paneling is the way to go. The smokiness of the glass will bring a modern twist while still having the classic barn door aesthetics- the best of both worlds without missing out on anything. You will have the modern twist you have always wanted with just the right amount of traditional.

Chalkboard Enhancement

A chalkboard sliding door can make a huge difference in the way your barn door is displayed. The key is writing on your chalkboard and allowing your statement to be as bold as possible.

Stipulating you already have a barn door as part of your home, and simply want to give it a fresh new look- adding a chalkboard display is the best way to do so. This is mainly due to how easy and versatile it is to achieve. Simply paint your barn door using chalkboard paint and allow your family and guests to write messages along the way.

Bring on The Color

If you can’t decide which color to paint your barn doors opt for a shade of blue. Blue is not only soft but it also comes in multiple different hues which is great when you can’t decide which color to use best.

As we have mentioned previously painting your doors can make a huge statement not only in the room in your home overall. Now, while we do recommend painting your doors, black, sometimes a room needs some sort of color to feel much more alive and fresher. When painting your barn doors select a hue that is bright and daring yet works with the hues you already have.


The simple aspect of having a crisscross element as part of your barn doors adds a unique feel that is also too chic to not take note of.

For an added dose of drama, add barn doors that offer a crisscross design to them. There’s something quite dramatic yet feminine about having a crisscross element added on. This particular feature will make your doors become the statement piece of the room which could be exactly what you need for the room to come to life without much effort from additional décor.

These awesome sliding barn doors are one of a kind. Share with us below which idea is your personal favorite.


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