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House uses Operable Wood Louvers for Temperature Control

Located in Miramar, Portugal, E/348 Arquitectura designed the House In Miramar in such a way as to provide shade in the heat of the summer while at the same time making the most of the winter sun for heating purposes. They accomplished this with an innovative operable louver structure that covers the exterior terrace on the upper volume. The screening can remain closed during the summer, providing shade while allowing the views to penetrate into the terrace, or the screening can be folded open allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate into the inner zones of the home. The architects provided additional connectivity to the outdoors via a large rooftop deck wrapped in tempered glass safety rails and glazings on the main level that open to an outdoor social zone.

From a distance, the wooden louvers read as a series of vertical slats that create a soft, organic volume protruding from the white profile of the building.
When the louvers are opened, the home showcases a long terrace running the length of the building.
When the louvers are open, they extend outwards, creating a dynamic repeating pattern of geometric shapes.
When closed, the louvers present a more subtle yet equally as interesting profile.
Below the louvered terrace, the home is wrapped on two sides with a deck that opens into the social zone via a peaked opening of glazings that slide and stack out of the way for a continuous indoor/outdoor flow.
The glazings do not follow the line of the peaked opening but rather that of the ceiling.
The glazings open to an L shaped living and dining area with the kitchen located behind the dining zone. A wall of open shelving screens the dining area from the stairwell leading to the 2nd storey.
The stairwell is a unique design of shelves that wrap around two walls before morphing into the treads of the staircase. A steel stringer on the outside of the staircase holds a clear glass balustrade.
The stairwell is located at the end of the foyer and is in a direct line of site from the main entrance. Just to the left of the entrance is the living area while at the far end is the kitchen.
The stairs lead to a hallway on the 2nd level and just down that hallway, a second flight of stairs continues up to the 3rd storey and the rooftop deck.
The hallway on the 2nd level leads to rooms that open up to the louvered terrace. While the rooms are single volume in height, the hallway is double volume throughout.
The terrace runs the length of the home, creating an outdoor passageway that is both open and contained at the same time.
The 2nd flight of stairs is created out of a prefabricated powder coated steel structure that wraps and turns in a sculptural silhouette that is full of movement and fluidity. The sculptural aspect is visible from every angle thanks to the clear glass balustrade.
The stairs have a stopover on the ceiling of the room below before continuing up to the rooftop level. With the room below a single volume and the hallway a double volume, the extra floor space provides a quiet study area or sleeping zone.
The 3rd storey of the home is designed as an extra wide hallway, lined with shelving, overlooking the room on the ceiling of the 2nd storey room and leading to the roof top deck.
The staggered layout of the various levels combined with the clear glass balustrades keeps the home feeling connected and open
Even the roof top deck is wrapped in clear glass safety panels. I love the natural grass floor of this space!
E/348 Arquitectura
Photography by Jose Campos


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