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Designer Lounge Chairs – Oversized Lounge Chair by Nico Klaeber

This plush oversized lounge chair has it all – comfort and style sensibilities, making it a modern must-have for the livable home. German designer Nico Klaeber is the brains behind this beauty. The chair’s signature characteristic – its ultra-high backrest – lets you lean back and relax in casual comfort. Another cool feature of this chair isn’t what it has, but rather what it’s missing – armrests. The armless design lets you sit any which way, bringing added versatility to the chair. This modern concept in seating can be the inspiration for your interior design. This lounge chair makes a great addition to a living room, den or foyer, home office or library, or even as a fabulous focal point in the modern bedroom. Let these contemporary designer lounge chairs inspire your whole home decor. For its instant panache, we give it two thumbs up! Check it out here.



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