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Lounge Chair Designs With a Character

Lounge chair isn’t just a comfortable piece of furniture where you can curl up with a good book or a tablet for some midnight entertainment. It is a decor element that can add a lot to your room or even outdoors. Modern lounge chairs come in all sorts of shapes and peculiar designs. They are available in a great palette of colors, so that they would fit into any interior. But it all started with the classic shapes you’d recognize anywhere.

Classic Lounge Chair Designs

LC4 Chaise Longue 900x900 Lounge Chair Designs With a Character
LC4 Chaise Longue

The story of this luxury “relaxing machine” began in 1928 when the three young architects Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret reimagined the ‘long chair’. As opposed to a classic upholstered shape this one comes with an exposed metallic base and minimal design.

Covered in a cow hide the chaise longue has a roll headrest echoing its historic counterparts, but that’s the only thing it shares with a chaise longue from the old days.

Zuo Modern Petal lounge chair 500006 900x678 Lounge Chair Designs With a Character
Zuo Modern Petal lounge chair 500006

Another incredibly popular design is Zuo Modern‘s Petal Lounge Chair 500006 that comes with a sectioned back and a matching petal-shaped ottoman.

The retro-futuristic design swivels on its chrome steel base offering mobility in a reclined position. And its red microfiber velour upholstery reinforces the modern minimal look.

Karuselli Lounge Chair
Karuselli Lounge Chair

Karuselli Lounge Chair was designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro in 1964. Currently manufactured by Artek the chair is made of shell glass fibre and chromed steel. In addition it is upholstered in leather.

Spending four years to develop its ergonomic shape Kukkapuro completed it with a matching ottoman for ultimate relaxation making it on of the most famous chairs in the world.

Cute Lounge Chairs

Womb chair & ottoman
Womb Chair & Ottoman

Womb Chair & Ottoman was conceived the same year as the renowned Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman. At Florence Knoll’s request the chair had to be “like a basket full of pillows”.

The result is the classic chair we know today – ergonomic basket-like shape filled with plush pillows; even its ottoman has one.

Egg Lounge Chair
Egg Lounge Chair via Fritz Hansen

Another iconic chair is a well-known design by Arne Jacobsen. A cute upholstered cocoon on an aluminum base with a high back and enveloping armrests is loved by many.

Matching upholstered stools are also now available to go with the chair taking comfort to the next level.

High Back Lounge Chairs

Lounge Chair by Nico Klaeber
Lounge Chair by Nico Klaeber

Drawing inspiration from the historic chaise longues modern designers take a step forward with new imaginative shapes.

Nico Klaeber’s huge chair is intended for hotels and offices. Standing on a round metal base it features a sliding seat and a high back. You can practically lie on it. Its upholstery in a punchy green color seems like it would make a great accent for a minimal office or living room.


Plateau chair by Engelbrechts
Plateau chair

Plateau chair designed by Erik Magnussen for Engelbrechts comes with a flat armrest that can hold a remote or a laptop. Equipped with an automatic return swivel mechanism the chair resembles some sort of flower.

What’s interesting, though, is that a flower didn’t inspire the chair at all. It was his own left hand that Magnussen used as a source of inspiration.

Long Lounge Chairs

Atoll Lounge Chair
Atoll Chaise Longue

Long chairs are perfect for relaxation and sweet midday naps. Atoll is a modern chaise longue that is perfect for both. Designed by Patrick Norguet and manufactured by Tacchini it comes with a single armrest and an extended seat that doubles as an ottoman.

Inspired by an archipelago Atoll allows for different sitting and reclining positions supported by a metal frame and four wooden legs.

Lounge Chair Opper by Gregorie de Lafforest
Lounge Chair Opper

Gregoire de Lafforest created a unique long chair that combines a leather seat inspired by the 70’s motorcycle saddles and a block of marble that acts as a chair base and a side table.

Its sculptural aesthetic is only seemingly museum-like. The multi-purpose design allows additional storage at the back of the table while easy disassembly ensures portability.

Ducking Lounge Chair
Ducking Lounge Chair

Jung Myung Taek’s Ducking design is clearly a conversation piece. Shaped as a regular chair it has an extended seat that allows you to stretch the legs while sitting almost upright.

It may be functional, but it certainly looks like a surreal version of itself or like it was taken out of an absurdist artwork.

Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge
Lockheed Lounge by Marc Newson

Marc Newson‘s Lockheed Lounge is a unique long chair and not only because it sold for more than £2 million. Designed in 1990 the chair was popularized by Madonna’s music video and sold big in different editions.

Named after an aerospace company Lockheed looks positively spaceship-like in its curvy metallic shell. It, however, bears more resemblance to the old-fashioned chaise longues than these other designs.

Unusual Lounge Chairs

Enignum Lounge Chair by Joseph Walsh
Enignum Lounge Chair by Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh is an interesting designer. The self-taught sculptor creates incredible furniture out of wood by stripping it into layers and bending and molding it into intricate shapes.

Enignum Lounge Chair is like no other. It looks like a sculpture and yet offers a relaxing reclining seat position and a matching ottoman for resting your feet. It’s hard to imagine it in use, though, for it looks out of this world.

Lounge Chair by Kyle Buckner Designs
Lounge Chair by Kyle Buckner Designs

Unusual lounge chairs are becoming more and more popular as designers try to make their work stand out, make an impact. KBD lounge by Kyle Buckner Designs made from 152 layers of pine wood and fiberglass is a perfect example.

Resembling a heeled shoe the chair has an amazing wood texture shining through the glossy finish. Coupled with leather seat pads it looks extra luxurious.

Bloom lounge chair
Bloom lounge chair

Bloom chair by Kenneth Cobonpue is hands-down one of the best chair designs ever. Unexpected but, oh, so gorgeous the chair’s bloom-shaped seat brings life itself to the interior.

Its steel base looks like a flower stem and the microfiber seat is made with hundreds of fine stitches.

Modern Lounge Chairs

Almora lounge chair by Doshi Levien
Almora lounge chair by Doshi Levien

Doshi Levien’s Almora chair looks like it would belong with the classics. Inspired by a trip to Himalaya mountains the chair represents cold snow-capped peaks and you wrapped in a blanket.

The result is a mid-century modern chair with an unusual funnel-shaped seat that envelops and a soft fuzzy headrest.

Variations Gravity Balans
Variations Gravity Balans

This modern design was made to encourage mobility. Ergonomic, adjustable, and mobile the Gravity Balans allows to sit in an upright position when you’re working at the desk and recline and relax during break.

Conceptualized by Hans Chr. Mengshoel and designed by Peter Opsvik the chair is a perfect combination of an office chair and a relaxing chaise longue.

RIMULA Lounge Chair by Speculooz
RIMULA Lounge Chair by Speculooz

RIMULA is not your typical lounge chair. It’s not big and it doesn’t have that chaise longue shape. Although made of metal its fuzzy backrest and seat look soft and inviting.

It is a perfect addition to a Scandinavian style home because of its minimal style and fur accents.

Loft Shelly Shelly chair by Bernhardt Design
Loft Shelly Shelly chair by Bernhardt Design

Loft Shelly Shelly is another minimalist lounge chair for those who like comfort but not without bulky shapes. Its wooden shape would probably look great in a mid-century modern interior.

Its armrests may not be the most flexible, but they give this chair an absolutely different look than the more familiar shape would.

Colorful Lounge Chairs

Chair by Henrik Schulz
Chair by Henrik Schulz

Bright chairs make great accents in decor. They emphasize the color scheme or accent the neutral rooms adding dimension to them. Sitter L is such a chair.

Calling it “a baby seat for grown-ups” designer Henrik Schulz presents a chair in which you can curl, sit, and lean back. Available from Skandiform it comes in a variety of bright colors in turn accented with contrasting printed cushions.

Hella Jongerius lounge chair by Vitra
Hella Jongerius lounge chair by Vitra

Hella Jongerius has designed an entire collection of colorful lounge chairs for Vitra. With their bright upholstery and seat accents the chairs would fit many colors schemes. And their adorable streamlined shapes could work for any style from modern to retro.

As opposed to many other designs these cute seats are lightweight and easy to move thanks to the handles on the back of their headrests.

Poli lounge chair by Producks
Poli lounge chair by Producks

Poli Lounge Chair comes with an interesting semi-circular backrest and back legs that converge to support its reclining position. But it’s the fabric that makes it truly outstanding. Working in a collaboration with Mika Barr, Producks developed two-dimensional fabric with a three-dimensional pattern that looks interesting and unusual.

The only downside to lounge chairs is probably their cost. Most of these designs will set you back thousands of dollars. It is, however, a great opportunity to use your talents. Buy a cheaper chair and give it a makeover to personalize and make it unique.



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