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2 Kitchens with Unusual Stove Hoods

One of the limitations in most kitchens is the need to create venting for a stove thereby limiting the location a stove can be placed, but with a flexible stove hood that limitation simply disappears. These 2 kitchens both feature unusual stove hoods with robotic appeal that can be moved and repositioned easily. The ability to reach from a venting location to anywhere a stove is placed is what gives them their unusual, almost sci fi appearance and it is this same space age aesthetic that frees up the ability to place a stove anywhere.
This kitchen was part of a restoration project by two architects who lived on the banks of a canal. It features a Mina Kitchen complete with the new Mammut stove hood, from Minacciolo.

The Mina Kitchen is all white with bright red accents that even appear on the stove hood. Composed of an intake pipe and an angular cut cone head it can be rotated 360 degrees and moved in every direction and it is fitted with LEDs as a light source.
The bright red dials on the hood and stove look like plumbing valves and add a bit of nostalgic fun to an otherwise sci fi aesthetic. The handle just beneath the red dial on the Mammut stove hood is what is used to move the hood around.
This second example of a space age stove hood was designed by Studio DB because the ceilings where so high. It is not an actual stove hood but rather a repurposed industrial dust collector – now that’s thinking outside of the box!
As with the Mammut stove hood, this repurposed dust collector can be easily manipulated into the exact position it is needed, regardless of where the outside vent is located thank to the flexible joints and steel hand grab that extends around the arm.
Both of the unusual stove hoods featured in these two kitchens take a unique approach to a common problem and free up the ability to position a stove anywhere, no matter where the exhaust venting is located.
Mammut Stove Hood
Studio DB photography by Jeff Barnett-Winsby
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