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One Sink Does All Three: Soap, Wash and Dry Touch-Free

Anyone who has ever washed their hands knows that the process could use a little streamlining in the design department and that is exactly what Sloan Valve Company did when they created the AER-DEC Touch-free Integrated Sink with its hands free soap, rinse and dry capabilities, all within one high tech sink. Gone are the dripping hands as you move from sink to towel or heat dispenser, gone are the soap drips on vanity counters, gone is the need to touch a germy tap after washing your hands. Soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer, and sink work together as one touch-free, hygienic system.
Not only is AER-DEC a hygienic efficient design, it’s also beautiful and is the perfect innovation for any high-end bathroom.

LED lights can be incorporated into the sink for a single or multiple color story.
The soap dispenser delivers a pre-measured amount of soap via it’s Active Infrared sensing module.
The delivery of a pre-measured amount of soap creates less waste and when the soap finally does run low, an indicator light comes on letting you know it’s time for an easy to install refill.
The faucet is located next to the soap dispenser with the air dryer next to it.
The faucet is sensor activated and this hands free approach helps prevent the spread of germs, as no hands need to touch the faucet.
The Sloan Hand Dryer utilizes sensor activation and automatic shut off. With no heat dispenser continuing to run unattended there is less energy used than in a conventional hand dryer.
The Sloan high speed Hand Dryer eliminates the need for paper towels or hand towels making it an eco friendly choice.
At the front of the sink basin is an AirBasin that controls the air and water flow, eliminating water back splashing and air updrafts. This is accomplished with innovative air dams that redirect both the air and the water.
Dirty air is taken away and replaced with cleaner, purified air thanks to the HEPA Air Filter included in the design.
The 3 in 1 design eliminates the need to move from one station to another virtually eliminating the possibility of any water drips on the floor or counter.
The AER-DEC offers architects and designers endless options in size, configuration, material and color.
The design is not only a beautiful example of all encompassing minimalism, it is also an efficient and hygienic touch free design.
Sloan Valve Company
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