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Elegant Hi-tech Ski Chalet in Courchevel

This typical Alpine chalet id ideally situated in the French exclusive ski resort of Courchevel, close to the village center but also to the ski slopes. Already looking at this chalet from the outside one can say that it is not an average mountain retreat. The glazed front door of the Eden Chalet, with its wood and stainless steel frame, makes the eye curious to discover what there is beyond. The irregular grey stone wall on the left of the main entrance continues inside the corridor, and it matches other interior walls of the chalet covered in the same material. Together with wood and glass, grey stone is one of the main interior design materials. Raw looking knotty wood planks cover the ceilings and many of the walls, and the thick beams of the ceiling are kept exposed on the top floor. The wooden floors are of the same color, but the planks are wider and more regular, with a waxed finish. The kitchen communicates with the dining room and the living room, but remains partly closed, thus allowing the guests to keep their privacy from the kitchen personnel. The surfaces that predominate in this communal area of the chalet, aside with the ones mentioned above, are white gloss and shiny stainless steel. White lacquer covers the kitchen cabinet doors, but also the king-size dining table and the living room low table. The stainless steel of the kitchen appliances matches naturally with the kitchen’s interior design, but it is more unexpected and surprising in the living area, where it frames a window, a built-in ethanol fireplace and a niche with glass shelves.

The access to the chalet is controlled by a sophisticated security system, and there hi-tech electronics all throughout the building, controlled either by switches or remotely.
Luxury and comfort are the words that best describe the interiors design. From the white leather couches, to the glossy white surfaces and the stainless steel details, no compromises are made to style.
The TV corner is cozy with wooden walls a large fabric sofa, perfect for lazy afternoons.
The living and dining areas are very convivial and thought for stylish socializing.
The access to the top floors is made via a wooden staircase with a minimalistic glass balustrade. The sharp contrast between the wood and the glass create a very interesting effect, making the space look more contemporary than rustic, despite the predominance of raw wood.
The night area spreads over the two top floors. The five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms boast the same luxurious design, with the same high-end materials. The animal skin print of the curtains and cushions, as well as the furry throws contrast with the crisp white of the bed linen.
The underground level of the chalet has been transformed into a proper spa, with a pool and steam and massage rooms. The pool, decorated with silver floating balls of various sizes, looks like a magic lake.


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