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Bathroom Sink Ideas That Bring Your Space To Life

The bathroom sink can be the perfect focal point in the bathroom due to it being one of the very first things people look at when they walk into the space. Additionally, the sink can be one of the only counter space you may have to place trinkets you love or decorative pieces. Here are bathroom sink ideas that will bring your space back to life.

Statement Mirror

A statement mirror could be perfect in the bathroom directly above a simple bowl sink. The difference in sizing of the two will bring that contemporary feel that is easy to focus on. Add a touch of intricacy by having unique lighting be apart of your decor. 

A statement mirror could be just what you need to bring your sink up to par. The idea is to have the statement mirror add to your bathroom sink that classic touch while still being a focal point. Whether you prefer a larger mirror or simply wish to have a mirror with a grander effect, the options are endless.

Lots of Lights

Lighting is essential in any area of the home, but this is especially true for the bathroom. Therefore, having lighting that brings an intricate touch is great. Whether you have a bowl sink or an elongated sink your light fixtures should have a direct connection with how the sink is perceived.

Just like chandeliers make a big impact, adding lots of lighting around your sink area can add a big impact as well. Add large lights surrounding the sink for a daring impact or smaller lights for a more intimate feel.

Barn House Sinks

A barn house sink is great when you want that home feel but still in small doses. Consider having a smaller barn house sink to keep the decor minimal yet put together. Pair with a few soft decorative pieces to help bring a spa-like feel. 

Barn house sinks are great because they are DIY if you have the time or you can simply have a contractor create the perfect barn house sinks that double up as two sinks in one. The barn house sinks are excellent when you are working with a rustic bathroom décor.

Minimalist Features

Minimal kitchen sinks are great when you want to have a bold sink area without using your sinks as the focal point. Consider having a daring wallpaper in the sink area and allowing it to be a part of the vanity sink space. Pair with metallic touches to bring everything together.

Minimalist features are perfect when you want to keep your décor simple yet want to make a big impact. The biggest impact will come from your surrounding décor while your sink will remain minimal and chic.

Pop of Color

Colorful sinks are great as they add color, texture and bring a modern versatile touch that makes sense. Consider using bold hues such as blue, green, red or pink and allow it to be the statement color of the room. Doing so will brighten the space while still being cohesive.

Why have a simple sink when you can have a sink with a pop of color. Pops of color work well in any bathroom because they draw in light. Consider a colorful bowl sink for that perfect contrast that is trendy and adds a pop of color throughout the room.

Elongated Sink

An elongated sink is perfect when you have a smaller space yet want that double sink feel. It not only looks and feels like a double sink but its contemporary all at the same time. Pair with darker wood for the ultimate appeal. Use two faucets to complete the trendy look.

If you want the aesthetics of a double sink, but don’t have the space an elongated sink could be exactly what you need. The idea is to have the sink feel larger and as if you have two sinks, but you actually have one. Pair with two faucets for a completed look.

Unique Square Sink

Instead of having one unique square sink consider having two. Two standalone smaller square sink bowls could be perfect for a hint of versatility. Pair with a unique vanity to complete the look. You may even want to have dark hues be the main focus of the space. 

A unique touch could be the intricate appeal the space needs to come full circle. A unique square sink can be ideal not only because of its shape but because of how much deeper it tends to be. Therefore, providing a second depth to the area.

Wide Flat Sink

Wood comes in multiple different hues, therefore, you may want to consider using gray wood or even blond wood to bring together that softer beauty that works well with a flat wide sink. Consider adding natural elements around for a seamless combination.

Sinks come in numerous different style and sizes. A wide flat sink could be the perfect touch of modern needed in the bathroom. Pair with wooden décor or pieces to have a traditional touch while allowing the flat sink to be the main focus.


Take your bathroom to the next level with a glass elongated sink paired with a glass faucet. The two work beautifully together and make an even grander appeal when they are used in a simple bathroom. The elongated appeal will increase its modern aesthetics. 

Want to add an ultra-modern touch to your bathroom? If so an all-glass sink bowl with glass faucet is one way to go. It is sleek, chic and modern while still being everything you want in the space while still being versatile with your decorating options.

Marble counter with contrasting sink

For that contrasting color use a black marble paired with a white sink. The contrasting hues will work well together while still being fun and having a seamless texture, due to the veining the marble offers. 

We love a marble counter in the bathroom, but pairing it with a contrasting sink is the perfect way to have the classic element paired with a contemporary touch. The contrast between the two will bring the décor full-circle in a simple way.

Adding a new sink could be just what your bathroom needs for a quick upgrade. Which of these ideas do you want to try at home? Please share with us in the comments below.


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