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10 Chic Ways to Incorporate Marble Into Your Home

In recent years marble has become a huge trend. Homeowners are looking at marble like the next accent piece they need instead of the cold stone material it was once considered. However, the key to achieving the perfect form of marble is decorating with it in small doses. In this case, less is definitely more. You do not want to surround an entire space with marble alone. Instead of having the entire space filled with marble have selected pieces that bring your décor back to life. Here are chic ways to incorporate marble into your home.

Backsplash in Your Kitchen

A kitchen backsplash is ideal when you want to give your kitchen a boost of personality. It is also a great way to add color or texture in the kitchen space. Marble is ideal because of how easy it is to clean. Therefore, if you were to splash anything that would land on the backsplash it can easily be wiped off.

Let’s face it marble looks great anywhere it is placed. It gives any room an elevated, elegance that is difficult to recreate. One of the best areas to incorporate marble in is your kitchen. Your kitchen backsplash may be in need of an upgrade and what better way to upgrade the look than to have a marble backsplash. A huge benefit of having marble as part of your kitchen décor is that is extremely easy to clean.


Marble flooring is shiny which adds an extra layer of sophistication to any room. It is also easy to maintain and looks beautiful when it is paired with neutral tones that enhance the space.

Marble floors are easy to clean and maintain which gives them the appeal that they have. They are also excellent for warmer areas as they have a cooling effect any place they are placed in. Marble floors work well in living rooms, bedrooms, and larger spaces as this stone has the ability to not absorb any heat. Therefore, cooling the space naturally.

Marble Furniture

A marble dining table is not common but it sure is a beautiful asset to the home. Pair it with a soft rug underneath that is neutral to bring the entire focus to the space. There is an extra layer of elegance added to your dining room with a dining table. 

The furniture you have in your home is an exact representation of your personality. Therefore, you want to choose your furniture wisely. Marble furniture exuberates strength, beauty, and elegance. The great aspect about marble furniture is that it goes well with any décor you have or are considering having.

Marble Stairs

The great aspect about marble is that it can be placed together with more marble and it still looks unbelievable. It brightens up any room that it is placed and makes any room appear larger. Add a chandelier in your foyer area for an elevated decor. 

Marble stairs are not common in the home as they are considered extremely heavy. However, when combined with wood, marble stairs make all the difference. They add elegance while still being extremely sturdy. Add materials such as wood and/or steel and combine it with marble for the elegant appeal that is lightweight yet stable.


There is an expanding feature about having identical items in a room. Add it onto a mirrored area for the ultimate upgrade. Although they are not the easiest to come across marble lamps have a huge advantage.

Although they are not the easiest to come across marble lamps have a huge advantage from other lamps. The advantage being they defuse and expand light so that the brightness reaches farther wherever they are placed. Furthermore, they have an ability to brighten an entire room without the need of using multiple different lamps.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertop islands are extremely modern to have in the home. It can double as a cutting space or as a breakfast bar which is always nice. Having multifunction spaces in your kitchen is a plus. Pair it with neutral stools for the ultimate bar feel. 

Perhaps one of the most known as well uses for marble has always been kitchen countertops. However, the unique and intricate lines that marble is known for creating an undeniable visual appeal that is perfect for the kitchen. Not only is marble white and versatile, but it is also cold, which is perfect if you enjoy baking and kneading bread on your countertop.

Bathroom Accessories

Marble comes in multiple different patterns. In fact, not one marble stone is ever like the other. You can purchase one marble slate from the same place and the pattern will still be different. Therefore, different rooms with marble will never appear the same. 

You can use marble in multiple different places such as the sink counter, toilet, walls, tubs, and even floors. A touch of marble can spruce up and brighten up any dull or boring bathroom. Not only is marble an excellent way to enhance your bathroom space, but it is great because soap scum does not stick to it making it easy to clean.

Marble Wall

A marble wall is an excellent option for a focal wall. Instead, of having multiple different marble pieces a marble wall can make the difference you need to reawaken the room.

Just like marble stairs look beautiful in a home once they are combined and stabilized by wood or steel marble walls have the same effect. The earthiness of the wood combined with the shinier luxurious feel of marble creates the perfect combination in any space. Install a marble wall in the home to break down and add elegance to an area that may seem over cluttered or dull.

Coffee Table

A simple coffee table with marble accents can make the difference you need in your living room. Consider having wood become part of your coffee table as wood and marble work perfectly well together. The natural element combined with the smoothness of the marble will look beautiful in the room.

Let’s, not forget your living room can sure use a hint of marble in a bold yet bright type of way. The coffee table you select to have in your living room space can make all the difference in the way the space is portrayed. Adding a marble table is simple yet elegant. Keep the rest of the living room, neutral to truly create a focus around your marble coffee table.

Warm Up the Space

Dark marble is not as popular as it used to be but it is still gorgeous to have. It is also an excellent way to add marble into your space without it having to be white. If white marble is not your thing then dark marble is the way to go.

We are all typically accustomed to the white shade of marble. However, warmer shades of marble can be exactly what your space needs for a warmer appeal. Warmer shades of marble are excellent to have in the bathroom as they bring a different twist that white marble would not easily create.

Marble doesn’t have to be a show-stopper instead it can be one of the main attractions your home has to offer. Plus lets, not forget marble can double up as artwork as well. In which form are you incorporating marble into your home?


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