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39 Large Coffee Tables For Your Spacious Living Room

Instead of an ottoman or a slew of poufs, focus your relaxation and seating around a different kind of piece. These 39 large coffee tables for your spacious living room will add gorgeous appeal and function too! Check out our favorite finds below!

 39 Large Coffee Tables For Your Spacious Living Room

Designing Idea starts us off with this two-toned, classic beauty. There’s enough space to use for entertaining and to style. But it also fits right into a traditional, family home with teas.e

 39 Large Coffee Tables For Your Spacious Living Room

We’re positively swooning over this double coffee table find. Mixed material and full of space for the family to enjoy, they may be one of our favorites. (via)

Just because its wood doesn’t mean it’s rustic or country. This design right here proves that a wood piece can be a classic, modern piece as well. (via)

But, if you do want a classic, traditional coffee table, this is your find. Thanks to Pinterest we found this beauty and were immediately inspired by it’s styling and contemporary blend.

But Pinterest had this one up their sleeve too. It’s another wooden piece with contemporary lines and a modern structure that will stand the test of time.

Low to the ground but contemporary and chic, this white beauty could help transform a lot of living spaces. Again, it’s both functional and easy to style. (via)

Decoist inspired us with this rustic, luxurious cabin. But that coffee table in the center really took us over the top with its artistic, country spark.

We visited Decoist again and found this beauty. It’s large and elongated and we love its unpolished, organic edges for those that love a bit of rawness.

Sometimes rounder is better. And this retro, mixed material blend from Lonny is just another beautiful example of how something a bit more eclectic and offbeat can fit easily inside your home.

You can always learn how to make your very own coffee table, in the styling of your choice. And if that choice is a bit rustic and country then DIY Showoff will show you how.

Liz Marie went with a unique choice as well. Mixed material and a DIY version, this one will look good in the living room or on the back porch.

But if you need something more polished, this glass and wood creation may be more your style. And thanks to Pinterest it’s easy to grab all kinds of similar inspiration.

Designs by Katy gave us a bit of girlish glam with this piece. There’s just so much opportunity when it comes to styling and themes this piece can fit in. Versatility is key with larger pieces.

Modern and crisp, this architectural piece may be a personal favorite on the list. For futuristic, contemporary or even more minimalistic homes, this is the perfect design. (via)

Here’s another larger, wooden piece that works inside a variety of homes. More traditional or more modern with a dash of cozy appeal, there are just so many ways to make this work for your specific vision. (via)

jagnew featured this metal coffee table and we instantly fell in love with its originality as well. It pops nicely against a lighter, neutral background as well. And don’t worry, it easily can stand alone as the focal piece.

As we always say, black and white is always a good idea and will never go out of style. That includes coffee tables, especially when they are this chic. (via)

It’s also hard not to feel a bit inspired by this acrylic and wood piece from Lee Lee Designs. Put it inside your masculine home office or inside your traditional living room, it works every time!

How about a chic piece that also has storage. Living Room Design had us cheering over this modern design you can fit your books, Blu rays and even the kiddos toys inside!

Not as large as some of the other designs on the list, but still bigger than the average, we’re loving this mid-century modern coffee table. Thanks for the inspiration Zillow!

The Design District had this mirrored piece featured and we grabbed it too. It’s not everyday that our coffee tables are this glamorous, and why not?!

A curved bottom and a traditional top, this wooden piece is full of artistic value. Wood always adds a subtle, welcoming vibe no matter its style. (via)

You can even find these larger, mid-century modern pieces on Etsy. Finish off your vision with a table that’s a bit quirky and not so inside the lines of traditional decorating.

Cothia had a glass piece we love as well. Of course, it’s not the most family-friendly, but it sure is pretty, don’t you think?

Why not add a coffee table with wheels to the mix. It makes the design even more functional and enjoyable for the family. And we found this great ideas from Lushome .

And because we loved that other mirrored piece so much, we had to feature another one! There’s just something so glam and fierce about adding this kind of design to the home. (via)

What’s so great about this setup is that you truly get the best of both worlds. A gorgeous and cozy ottoman underneath and the function of a coffee table stays on top! (via)

If you’re into retro designs, than this large coffee table will be right up your alley. Interior Home Design knew that we’d love the storage opportunity as well!

HGTV gave us those slender legs and the crisp, white tabletop. And we’re in love with the versatility behind this design too. Inside a more feminine space or one that’s more subdued, it’ll work wherever you want it to.

City Farmhouse showcased this beauty as well. Those wood pieces sure know how to warm up the room without taking away too much of the polished vision.

If you want something darker or more mysterious, then you need to check out designs in deeper colors. This black, circular piece will definitely get the job done. (via)

Zuri had a design that combined contemporary style and function seamlessly as well. The lines are modern but there’s space for a bit of storage as well – perfect for family homes.

There’s something so interesting about this coffee table design and all the materials used to create it. We love that it becomes its very own piece of art for the room. (via)

Storage, display space, and clean lines that will level off a crisp, modern home, it’s hard not to fall in love with this piece either. It contrasts well but will blend nicely too. And it’ll fit inside smaller homes without trouble. (via)

My Italian Living gave us this three-tired design and we love the innovation behind it. Ombre is trending, even in our furniture and especially when combined with contemporary style.

Here’s another architectural, modern design that is just as much a piece of art as it is functional for the home. You don’t even need to use it as anything other than a focal points. (via)

Pinterest always has great finds, remember? And we found this beauty while sifting through all the wonderful ideas. It’s big enough to compliment a larger space and fits nicely into a more cottage-inspired theme.

There’s so much to love about this space. The contrasting tones but that large coffee table in the middle is again, a versatile design to style to your own penalization. (via)

And finally, we leave you with the best of all worlds. It’s modern, it’s rustic and it has wheels making it’s more family-friendly for the house! (via)



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