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35 Modern Dining Tables That Will Make Every Dinner Special

The best perk of any modern furniture is that it comes in such a vast range of materials and styles, you can find almost any unlikely combination you can think of. Designers don’t shy away from using even such unlikely furniture materials as concrete to create modern dining tables. You can choose any aesthetic as well. From minimalist contemporary style to almost classic luxurious stone tables with a modern twist. There is a lot to see, so prepare to be blown away by all this gorgeous variety.

Round Tables

Gregory round table by Marioni
Gregory round table by Marioni

A classic round dining table is no longer just a wooden circular top on a matching base. Modern round tables may look like this gorgeous Gregory model from Marioni. Luxe and glamorous.

Perched on an elaborate brass base, the round top made of polished wood is the epitome of modern luxury. It will require some skill to style, but it’s definitely worth it.


Asplund’s Tati table is a simpler but a no less intriguing round dining table. It has a plain metallic base that rounds up to echo the shape of its top.

A perfect candidate for the contemporary apartment, Tati would benefit from more elaborate dining chairs.

THE TRAVELER by Roche Bobois
THE TRAVELER by Roche Bobois

A round table is a good addition to the kitchen, especially if there is no separate dining room. Glass top tables are often the first choice. But how to avoid that mediocre look?

Roche Bobois made sure this classic dining table didn’t look dull and boring by adding colorful strings to its base.

AIR table by Lago
AIR table by Lago

Air went the opposite direction with the base design, and it turned out quite interesting. The transparent glass L-shaped base is almost unnoticeable while the grey glass top appears hovering in the air.

Also available in wood, Air looks best in glas, rendering the design ultra contemporary and cool. We can totally see it in a sleek contamporary kitchen.

Marble Dining Tables

Efasma Table
Efasma Table

Bureau de Change Architects designed a new collection for Efasma. It consists of stylish weaved chairs and a matching marble table with a notched out top.

Together these beautiful furnishings create a coherent dining set that would decorate any kitchen or dining room.

Saarinen Oval Dining Table
Saarinen Oval Dining Table via DWR

In his quest to “clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home”, Eero Saarinen designed a Pedestal Table in 1956 that had a sleek and simple base.

Elegant as a wine glass’s stem, this base has become a classic. Today the table comes in a variety of finishes. Marble and wood, of course, make the most luxe versions.

Mont Blanc Dining Table
Mont Blanc Dining Table via Furniture Village

Marble dining tables are becoming more and more trendy, as marble in general penetrates into various aspects of design and decor.

Mont Blanc from Furniture Village is a gorgeous modern table with a top made of Volakas marble and its marble-effect pedestal inserted into a thin black plinth.

Camilla 40 Dining Table Black
Camilla 40″ Dining Table Black via One Kings Lane

There isn’t just one popular marble either. The stone’s diverse varieties find their way into furniture design as well. Black, green, and pink – there are quite a few tops to be made.

Here is a black marble table that looks immensely luxe thanks to its golden brass base that frames the round stone top. It’s proof that the simpler the design the better it looks. But you also can’t ruin marble with golden brass.

Modern Dining Tables With Creative Bases

GLIDE Wood and glass table by RIFLESSI
GLIDE Wood and glass table by RIFLESSI

Creative bases are especially interesting today as new technologies offer more and more design opportunities. Think 3D printing or live edge design.

Riflessi made a simple glass top reveal an intriguing wooden base that looks like a part of some mechanism rather than a furnishing.

Plinto by Andrea Parisio
Plinto by Andrea Parisio

Plinto is an entire collection of modern dining tables with unconventional bases designed by Andrea Parisio. Grand wood and marble pieces rest on partially metallic frames.

Elegant yet complex, the Plinto tables are meant for formal dining rooms in some luxurious residences. They also seem fitting for the office purposes.

The Grolier table
The Grolier table by Hudson Furniture

While live-edge tabletops are the main specialty of Hudson Furniture, their creative bases are too incredible to ignore.

The Grolier table designed by Barlas Baylar features a seamed walnut or black lacquer top resting on a statuary bronze base that resembles legs of some kind of a bug.

Anapo by Driade
Anapo by Driade

Anapo table is a tribute to the home decor of the sixties that tried to balance roughness and luxury, functionality and softness.

Gordon Guillamier-designed tables feature thin wooden and marble tabletops resting on metallic steel rod bases looking as flowy as skirts.

Wooden Modern Dining Tables

Graphica Dining Table - Oval
Graphica Dining Table – Oval via West Elm

Wood is still one of the most popular materials for dining tables. But it has changed a lot in terms of its look and the ways it is used nowadays.

Graphica Dining Table is a modernist design. It is made of a solid sheesham wood, and stands on architectural leg supports that give it a contemporary twist.

Box frame dining table
Box frame dining table via West Elm

Many massive wood tabletops rest on industrial steel bases today, making for a very industrial chic look with a rustic touch.

This industrial-looking table is made of solid mango wood and a finished steel frame. A perfect table type for most modern homes.

Cast Trestle Dining Table
Cast Trestle Dining Table via West Elm

Beside the industrial-style bases, natural wood tops can look great on glamorous metallic legs like this Cast Trestle dining table.

There is some undeniable charm about polished wood combined with steel or brass. Its branching curved legs further make for a decorative element.

Modern Dining Table With Unusual Tops

GORDON KERAMIK by Cattelan Italia
GORDON KERAMIK by Cattelan Italia

Tops made of stone, laminate, or concrete will always catch the eye. Cattelan Italia combined the Calacatta marble top and a complicated steel base to create an ultimate luxury dining table.

They also offer tabletops in alabaster and slate, both of which can look beautiful and rather unusual.

Modrest Urban Concrete Rectangular Dining Table
Modrest Urban Concrete Rectangular Dining Table from LA Furniture

Concrete may seem like an unlikely material for the dining table top, but it makes for a perfect contemporary furnishing.

Set on wooden legs or base, a concrete top, thick or thin, will look stylish regardless. It also goes well with both wood and metal.

MIKE table by Giulio Marelli Italia
MIKE table from Giulio Marelli Italia

Mike is a table by Studio Marelli with an unusual top. Made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate), it looks luxurious and out of this world.

Its metallic base is simple enough to let the thin but imposing top to stand out. While the top intrigues and evokes associations with stone.

Fusiontables pool model

Fusiontables is something entirely different. It’s not a matter of materials, but additional functionality.

Transforming dining tables feature tops that reveal surfaces for playing pool underneath. It can be handy, when the dinner’s done, and it’s time to entertain guests.

Industrial Modern Dining Tables

Modern dining table by Chad Yordy
Modern dining table by Chad Yordy

Industrial chic dining tables are on the rise right now. But they don’t have to look rough and too utilitarian.

Chad Yordy offers a slightly polished, elegant industrial table with a stylish black steel base and a semi-glossy walnut top, both of which soften its industrial look.

BEN by Orsenigo
BEN by Orsenigo

If you like the rougher aesthetic, there is Ben. A metal-framed, raw painted dining table with a slate veneered MDF top.

It looks especially interesting with an asymmetrical base and a stained-look top.

SKORPIO WOOD by Cattelan Italia
SKORPIO WOOD by Cattelan Italia

Skorpio Wood is rather a compromise between elegance and industrial roughness.

Designed by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia, the table has a clear varnished metal base and a beveled wooden top.

Railway Unique by Kare Design
Railway Unique by Kare Design

Combining heavy industrial and rustic influences, Railway Unique makes for a very original table. Although distressed, it makes a good match for upholstered chairs.

Made out of a restored railway track, it is sustainable and has a look of a historic furnishing.

Luxurious Modern Dining Tables

EMPIRE Dining Table from Boca do Lobo
EMPIRE Dining Table from Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo know how to do luxury. Their every design is laced with decorative but luxe approach. And Empire table is no exception.

Laced with golden accents the table also shows beautiful texture and cracks. It seems, you could contemplate it forever.

Platinum table by Gallotti & Raddice
Platinum table by Gallotti & Radice

Gabriele Buratti and Oscar Buratti conceived Platinum for Gallotti & Radice, who also specialize in impressive furniture.

They made the the top functional with black painted glass, and added a touch of luxe to the pedestal base with Sahara Noir marble.

NEWTON KAURI by Riva 1920
NEWTON KAURI by Riva 1920

Not only stone and gold metal can look resplendent. Live edge trend isn’t going anywhere, and aside from looking natural, it can also look very expensive too.

Riva 1920 made Newton Kauri table out of Kauri wood, leaving all its natural cracks and waves intact.

SIDNEY by Bizzotto
SIDNEY by Bizzotto

Sidney table was made with briar root boards from century-old trees perched on glass legs. Natural texture of the wood showing off beautifully in the massive top.

Such a table would definitely make a statement in the room, and set a rustic modern tone to it.

Elegant Modern Dining Tables

MATCH table by arflex
MATCH table by arflex

Modern dining tables may not only be creative but they can also be elegant. Take Match from arflex, for instance.

The table’s thin grey top looks incredibly well matched to the matte black metallic base and brass accents. Looking minimal, it still looks full of detail.

Modern Dining Table
Modern Dining Table via West Elm

West Elm offers an elegant modernist table with a contemporary twist on pecan-finished solid wood legs.

White lacquered engineered wood top extends to provide more seating space. And it adds a sleek touch to the retro-looking base.

Modrest Marcia Modern Tobacco & Antique Brass Dining Table
Modrest Marcia Modern Tobacco & Antique Brass Dining Table via LA Furniture

Thin tops and bases often make for a more exquisite look. These slender tobacco veneer finished top and antique brass legs prove it well.

Asymmetrical base makes it look more intriguing, but there are no more unnecessary elements to it.

Carraway Dining Table
Carraway Dining Table via West Elm

Glass tops often make for elegant tables, but they can also look quite boring. This West Elm design combines the creativity of a sculptural brass base and elegant simplicity of a glass top.

The resulting furnishing is a perfect addition to both traditional and modern interiors that could use a bit of glamour.

Minimal Dining Tables With Creative Legs

B-191 table by Dale Italia
B-191 table by Dale Italia

Creative legs can make the most simple table design stand out. B-191 is such an example with its perforated metal legs and a thin wooden top.

Available in solid metal, the patterned legs look far more designing, and fitting with the three layered walnut tabletop.

Modrest Dondi Concrete & Natural Oak Dining Table
Modrest Dondi Concrete & Natural Oak Dining Table via LA Furniture

Back-beveled thin concrete top may look self-sufficient but it definitely benefits from the branching solid oak legs.

The combination itself is rather interesting. Light wood adds an airier feeling to the thin but concrete top.

KOZA TABLE by Gazzda
KOZA TABLE by Gazzda

Salih Teskeredžic and Mustafa Cohadžic created a collection of furniture named Fawn based on the principles of lightness and transparency.

Koza Table is a creative yet elegant piece from that collection. Gracious and eye-catchy, it masterfully balances simplicity and complexity.

Pilo by ZAD Italy

We’re rounding out our list with the most contemporary of modern dining tables. Pilo by Studio PANG is a monocoque table that looks like a part of a space ship. Contrasting base and top make it look especially stylish.

Often set in open layout kitchens, dining areas require prominence in furniture design. And modern dining tables can fit the bill with their cool shapes and creative bases. Dining chairs are another part of the equation that leads to a great dining area solution. They need to coordinate well, especially if you aren’t buying a set.


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