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Stylish Concrete Interiors for Contemporary Homes

Concrete is everywhere these days. It’s cheap and versatile. It’s no wonder most projects make good use of it. The material doesn’t discriminate spaces by purpose either. It can make a beautiful contemporary house, a business venue, or a pavilion. If you’ve been planning and considering using concrete, these stylish concrete interiors will convince to go for it without thinking twice.

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are practical, if not warm and homely, especially for indoor/outdoor spaces. They are just easier to maintain. If you’re bothered by concrete’s rough texture, you can have them polished to be safely smooth.

Dark concrete floors
Dark concrete floors by Hufft Projects
Polished concrete floors
Polished concrete floors by Mette and Martin Weinberg
Concrete House by MGAD
Concrete House by MGAD
Concrete flooring
Concrete flooring by Freestyle Joinery
Polished concrete flooring
Polished concrete flooring via Carl Hansen & Son

Besides getting a nice sleek polish, concrete floors can also be stained to give them beautiful veins and marbling effect as well as bright colors.

It can also be painted partially to play on the contrast between paint and natural concrete texture and color.

Concrete Walls

Concrete walls often look rough and come with characteristic holes. But don’t hurry to polish and seal them just yet. This brutal aesthetic can play well with the wooden ceiling and frames, marble floors and slate.

Torquay concrete house by Auhaus Architecture
Torquay concrete house by Auhaus Architecture
House Cast in Liquid Stone
House Cast in Liquid Stone by SPASM Architects
Apartment with concrete elements in Taiwan
Apartment with concrete elements in Taiwan by Fertility Design
Concrete wall
Concrete wall via Coco Lapine Design
GT house by Studio Guilherme Torres
GT house by Studio Guilherme Torres

Concrete’s natural roughness can make a cool pair with such materials as polished wood, velvet, crystal, and metals.

Glass is also a fitting material to use together with the concrete, as it smoothes out the rough aesthetic, adding to it a reflective contrast.

Textured Concrete

Some concrete is more textured than other. Slabs with tie hole plugs tend to be smooth and uniform in color. Different types of blocks and bricks are rougher around the edges, and come with all kinds of discoloration.

Casa l4 Luciano Kruk Arquitectos
Casa l4 by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos
Concrete home office
Concrete home office by Dimitar Karanikolov
Concrete living dining area
Concrete living dining area by Pitsou Kedem Architect

If you don’t appreciate too much discoloration in concrete, though, you can use the more uniform type of concrete or simply minimize its presence in design.

And since the material is quite plain, you’ll have to inject some glamour into the interior to negate that utilitarian aesthetic it brings along.

Contemporary Concrete Interiors

When you’re thinking about a decorating style, contemporary aesthetic works best with concrete. Together with minimal furnishings and accessories, it creates a sleek modern look that is stylish and ages well.

All-concrete kitchen
All-concrete kitchen via Just Interior Ideas
Zanotta Talamo concrete interior
Zanotta Talamo concrete interior
Concrete floors and ceiling
Concrete floors and ceiling by OOOOX
JD concrete house by Bak Architects
JD concrete house by BAK Arquitectos
Contemporary concrete living room
Contemporary concrete living room by Site Interior Design

Thanks to its versatility, concrete can handle combination with any other material be it natural wood or hammered metal.

To add a bit of homeliness to your contemporary concrete home, opt for fuzzy rugs, knitted throws, and planter pots with your favorite greenery.

Concrete Kitchens

Kitchen is one of the costliest rooms to remodel. Countertops alone can set you back for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Concrete is not only fit for floors and ceilings. You can save a lot by opting for concrete countertops and kitchen islands.

Cantilevered concrete kitchen island
Cantilevered concrete kitchen island by BeauConcrete
Concrete kitchen
Concrete kitchen by Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers
Concrete kitchen island and floors
Concrete kitchen island and floors via Lonny
Concrete kitchen ceiling
Concrete kitchen ceiling via Just Interior Ideas

Concrete is not indestructible, but it’s very durable. All you have to do to maintain its look is prevent the spills or seal the surface of your tops.

You don’t have to sweat about trying to combine it with other elements, as concrete is neutral and goes well with everything.

Concrete Showers

When it comes to building with concrete, so many more design possibilities arise. Take a shower stall, for instance. It’s just too easy to build with concrete. And you can have anything from a bench to a footrest in there, if you want.

Belmond Shower Area
Belmond Shower Area via ARC
Concrete rain shower
Concrete rain shower by Olivier Chabaud Architectes
Concrete shower
Concrete shower via Blossom Interiors
Beach Ave concrete interiors
Beach Ave concrete interiors by Schulberg Demkiw Architects

To avoid an untidy look in your concrete shower, opt for non-concrete floors and decorative hardware.

Wood is a perfect opposite for cold concrete, and shiny metallics bring glamour anywhere they are installed.

Concrete Baths

But you don’t have to stop at a shower stall, if you want to take advantage of cheap but stylish concrete construction. There are so many things you could do with it.

Industrial concrete bathroom
Industrial concrete bathroom by Konstantin Kildinov
Concrete bath
Concrete bath via Designboom
Concrete House by Auhaus Architecture
Concrete House by Auhaus Architecture

A bath island, vanity, storage shelves, platforms, and seating spaces can all be built with concrete to give your bath an unusual look.

Complement it with marble and wood, if you want a more designer look or add ambient lighting to give it more color.

Concrete Interior Architecture

Again, you don’t have to stop with the bathroom, if you can build an entire home out of concrete. It is a popular trend in architecture today.

All-concrete Sebbah House
All-concrete Sebbah House by Pepe Gascón Arquitectura
Concrete rec room in Tranquil Atalaya House by Alberto Kalach
Concrete rec room in Tranquil Atalaya House by Alberto Kalach
Concrete interior architecture
Concrete interior architecture by Rad Design inc.
Concrete living room
Concrete living room by E.Cobb Architecture

Modern houses built with it, often feature concrete interiors as well. To make it look more home-like, such interiors might require wood floors and a collection of soft furniture.

Concrete & Brick

Did we mention that concrete goes with everything? This includes brick as well. Together these two make for a cool industrial look that can fake a New York-style loft in any home.

Concrete ceiling
Concrete ceiling via Decoist
Brick and concrete interior walls
Brick and concrete interior walls by Ruslana Petrovskaya
Concrete ceiling and exposed brick wall
Concrete ceiling and exposed brick wall by Tatyana Bobyleva

Interestingly enough, brick of any kind works with different types of concrete. How cool is that?

Brick can also bring a bit of warmth to concrete interiors. Opt for red brick veneers for a more classic industrial look with a hint of warmth.

Concrete Wallpaper & Tiles

You don’t have to rebuild your house in order to incorporate concrete. Wallpaper designers took care of that, and offer an easy and practical solution instead.

Concrete wallpaper.jpg
Concrete wallpaper via Concrete Wall
Concrete wallpaper design
Concrete wallpaper design via Concrete Wall
Wallpaper made to look as concrete
Wallpaper made to look as concrete by Concrete Wall
Concrete tiles
Concrete tiles by Doncaster Tile & Bathrooms

Cover a feature wall in your living room with a concrete wallpaper design, and it will instantly give you the look you’re after. There are also porcelain and ceramic tiles that look like other materials, including concrete, so you can use them in places like baths and kitchens.

If these stylish concrete interiors couldn’t convince you to take this bold design move, maybe this modern house made from recycled concrete blocks will.


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