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40 Dark Hardwood Floors That Bring Life To All Kinds Of Rooms

When thinking about your flooring choices, the variety is nearly endless. Marble, tile, bamboo and even cork; sometimes simplicity is the best route to take. And these 40 dark hardwood floors that you’re about to scroll through bring life to each and every room they’re in. Take a peek!

Home Stratosphere starts off with this open and inspired living room that’s complimented nicely with it’s chic, dark hardwood floors. It contrasts with the light of the room perfectly.

Even in the kitchen they can make quite the beautiful splash. This Old House shows us how this classic choice can easily set the tone.

HGTV featured a laundry room that’s topped off (or bottomed off) with some hardwood floors as well. The darkness brings out a chic, clean look that you want in this kind of space.

Even in more glam or luxurious spaces, dark hardwood floors can take the lead. Home Stratosphere shows us just how to make that happen with this gorgeous, contemporary living room.

Homedit always has great inspiration for us to pull from as well. And that goes for this traditional and easy entryway surrounded by dark accents and light walls.

This dark hardwood floor has a bit of a cherry accent spilled throughout the planks. And it offsets the neutral grays in a relaxation and slightly retro style. (via)

Home Design showed off this beauty and we instantly fell in love with the subtle, masculine energy. The dark hardwood floors blend well with the other deep and rich features.

Even in a kitchen with a cottage vision, some rustic flooring with a deeper tone will work well. The contrast will always provide a good amount of depth and interest. (via)

Pinterest brings us some more neutral-lover inspiration. These more natural hardwood floors pair nicely with this room filled with subtle tones and relaxing vibes.

We even love dark floors in the bedroom. Finish off your traditional and cozy bedroom with some like you see here at Home Epiphany.

Another contemporary living space that finished off its vision with darker hardwood floors. This time it’s separated and contrasted with a lighter, textural rug. (Pinterest)

Here’s a gorgeous living space full of natural light and airiness that’s bottomed out nicely with a richer flooring as well. Of course, it compliments creams and ivories well. (Pinterest)

This hardwood isn’t as dark as we’ve been featuring but it’s got a more natural and organic ethos. Which fits rather well inside this light and bright, minimalist entryway. (via)

Check out this super contemporary space from Home Design. A dining area with a crisp and sleek vibe matches us with this shiny, dark hardwood pieces.

We’re really digging this eclectic and trendy dining room from Homedit. It’s clean and slick without falling too stuffy. With those seats and light fixture, it adds the right kind of personalization.

Even inside the alcove that you’ve turned into a small home office or cozy reading nook will do well with a darker toned floor. It’s interested and clean while still be very welcoming. (via)

Even in the most modern of spaces, a dark hardwood floor will hold its own and finish the vision off right. Home Stratosphere is where you can find more inspiration like this!

Homedit gave us this beauty too. It’s artistic and young but it’s got classic elements surrounding its design, including the flooring as well as its contrasting area rug.

For those that are inspired by minimalistic style, you’ll really love this living room. From the cleaning shaping of the furniture to that rich floor. (via)

Houzz also showcases how a small alcove can be transformed into something special with the right ingredients. From the furniture to the floors, it all comes together here.

The taupe curtains, the cream chairs and even the white walls pop even more with the addition of the dark hardwood floors. Without it, everything would blend too much and become too bland. (via)

azoat featured this gorgeous living space and we were immediately drawn to the clean design and interesting mix of textures. It’s a modern-lovers dream.

Here’s another creamy space that pairs well with a dark chocolate floor. Bringing out the golds and the browns to the surface is easy with this choice. (via)

Homedit gives us another eclectic space that’s been rounded out with a chic and clean floor. It really sets off the colors and unique choices quite well – almost like a blank canvas for decorating.

Home Stratosphere gave us this patterned piece as well. If you like to be stimulated, then you’ll love this ignited style that’s contrasted nicely with the easy floor choice.

Here’s another bedroom with a deeper, natural wood floor that works. Best Bedroom Ideas has more inspiration where this came from.

Wanted One Magazine gave us a taste of a traditional hallway that gets punched up a notch by the richer wood. There’s an interest added to the space without it looking unnatural or out of place.

Zillow knew exactly what we were looking for and served it up on a platter with this one. There’s something special about deep, rich tones and how beautiful natural lighting makes them seem.

Even in this more subdued, bachelor-styled space, these thicker planks work wonders. It adds to this Kermans contemporary inspiration.

Here’s another little nook that we’re swooning for. Beautiful Décor World brings us this small work space.

A kitchen with all the necessities you would need including a dark, rich hardwood floor that matches the washed out wood in the rest of the room. We’re loviing how the light bounces off of this one too. (via)

We’re even loving this kitchen with it’s marble tops and it’s darker bottoms that make for a classic style. Going for a black and white scheme always work, no matter where.

A family-style kitchen that’s polished in all of the right spots. Again, the contrast between the light and dark is perfect! (via)

Homedit also has this one up their sleeve. It gives us a nice glimpse of a traditional family home and how to style it down to your liking.

And then there’s this refreshing space too. It’s a combination of uses from dining to entertaining but the orange burst and creams blend so well with that dark chocolate flooring. (Homedit)

A feminine-inspired living room topped off with beautiful art, fresh plants and a floor that sparkles and compliments. It’s a gorgeous room to recreate or grab inspiration from. (Pinterest)

Pinterest brings us another bout of more natural hardwood floor that brings more interest and uniqueness than the more modern types. It’s still dark enough to contrast but it sets off a country or homestyle vibe a lot easier.

Pinterest also has hardwood floors that are so dark they look black! And they work well within more glam spaces like this dining room.

We’re loving this shining hardwood floor in this open kitchen as well. There’s a youth about the design here and we’re really loving it. (via)

Pinterest brings us another hallway full of light, style and function! It’s just another beautiful way that dark hardwood floors can ignite the style of our homes.


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