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10 Amazing Wood Floors that will Knock Your Socks Off

Log End Floors

These log end floors are nothing less than amazing. Check out the gradation and age on those log slices. Custom-made, they are the epitome of natural wood flooring. Winner of the Northwest Forestry Association’s Environmental Craftsmanship Award, you can commission one of these incredible floors with a clear conscience. The floor meets LEED criteria (Leaderships in Energy and Environmental Design), including using materials originating within 500 miles of the job site, using a certified adhesive and using 100% reclaimed wood. Via: Precision Floor Crafters.

Wine Box Floors

What an incredible floor! Whoever thought this idea up has great style – what a wonderful DIY project. Buy your wine boxes/crates online and create a magical, whimsical floor. Would look fantastic in a library, entertainment/games room or even in your wine cellar. The vintage is yours to choose. Via: Unknown.

Interlocking Wood Floor Tiles

At first glance this handsome handcrafted parquet floor appears to be a one of a kind design – but these are actually interlocking wood tiles. More specifically the Enigma Wood Tile Collection by Jamie Beckwith. These handcrafted tiles are a modern twist on traditional ornamentation. With over 16 patterns, woods and stains to choose from there is truly something for everyone in this collection.

Color Parquet Flooring

White floors can create a perfect foil for bright punches of color, but sometimes the white needs a little something else. This modern parquet flooring by Bauwerk adds a little weathered patina to the mix for a been-here-forever flavor. It’s an ultra modern look with a little bit of rustic charm. And if white only does do it for you, their Unopark Vintage Edition of oak parquets offers multi-color flooring as well.

Marbelous Wood Floors

I am a huge fan of the Marbelous Wood Flooring by Pernille Snedker Hansen of Snedker Studio. Its an artsy process to create the look that begins with floating water-repellent paint in water, then carefully laying first the paper and then the wood on the surface of the water, allowing the paint to transfer to them. Used in a minimalist setting, this floor would be a stunning feature.

Curved Hardwood Floors

With today’s designers focusing on the natural wood planks it is no surprise that this look has found its way into contemporary floor designs. This unusual wavy floor is naturally curved hardwood – available in oak, ash, cherry, maple or walnut. As Bolefloor so astutely states (bole meaning ‘trunk of a tree’): “Life is not a straight line”. So why should your floor be?

Crocodile Skin like Wood Floors

If you don’t want your wood floors to look like normal everyday wood – why not have them styled after crocodile hide? These 80x80cm Wenge wood panels by QuadroLegno make a bold statement, with a luxurious finish that simply rocks. And no crocodiles were harmed during the making of this floor.

Jigsaw Puzzle Floor

This Puzzle Wood Flooring from Jamie Beckwith Collection is made of quirky interlocking wood tile that will bring out the inner child in many of us. How often did we lie on the floor piecing together jigsaw puzzles when we were younger? Maybe you still do! Well, now the puzzle can be the floor itself! Via: Jamie Beckwith Collection.

Red Color Plank Floors

Using cutting edge technology, Legno Veneto has created a series of colored wood plank flooring called the M Series that features stains in such saturated hues as this racy red. Powerful and contemporary, these stylish wood floors are sure to encourage a few jaws to drop!

Carved Wood Flooring

The wonderful and whimsical Carving Collection by Mafi is a fun approach to natural wood floors. This unique flooring has been carved and then oiled in motifs that run the gamut of traditional to this super playful and kid inspired imagery aptly named Carving Kids II.


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