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Funky Marbelous Wood Floors Look Like Marble

Snedker Studio of Denmark has come up with a new version of their awesome wood floors which we’ve covered before and this variation is called “Refraction”. The pattern is inspired by the refraction of light through a prism – and it certainly is mesmerizing, isn’t it? We can hardly stop staring at the zig zags! And the colors almost seem to vibrate across the floor. Color is dropped onto the water surface (see below), which is a natural prism, and then transferred to the wood by dipping the pine planks in the water. They are then sealed with UV coating. The planks are made like this, one by one, no two pieces are the same (they are made to order). This custom technique is called “suminagashi”, and is an old Japanese method that has been re-purposed by Snedker. You can also use these marvelous floor panels on the wall. But wherever you put them, be prepared for people to actually stop and stare as they are visually drawn into the design!

This vibrant design looks like it’s moving!

The patterns are made using the old Japanese technique called Suminagashi.
More information: Snedker


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