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Curved Roof House Plan makes a Stylish Eco Statement

When architect Adrian James designed this curved roof house – Muswell House – in Piddington, Oxfordshire of the UK, it’s as though he was in a race to incorporate as many innovative technologies, methods and looks as humanly possible. Thus unusual house features an innovative steel structural frame, topped by a distinctively curved, prefab timber roof which extends all the way to the ground. This all-encompassing wooden roof creates a characteristic look from the outside, while the open concept house plan maximizes available interior living space. With a contemporary look that’s sure to stop you dead in your tracks, this cool house also features a number of modern, eco-friendly technologies that make it was pleasing to the Earth as it is to the eye! Apart from being prefabricated, the house boasts a ground-source heat pump to heat the home, and a heat recovery ventilator that uses the stale exhaust air to heat the fresh air. Adrian James Architect
via Archinspire



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