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Wind Vault House with oval shaped roof

Singapore architects Wallflower Architecture + Design created this super cool house with a curved roof and a glazed lower level that lets the outdoors, sunlight and fresh air waft in on demand. The Wind Vault House takes shape of a reinforced concrete tube, with open ends that make the most of the natural light and prevailing winds, passively illuminating and ventilating interiors. Both in look and in feel, as well as in function, this house is a breath of fresh air. Check it out.

The glazed main floor was designed as an open, airy space leading to the outdoor entertaining areas, engaging nature and expanding living areas beyond the home’s walls.
The tube house was positioned so as to resist the east – west heat gain, all the while maximizing the coastal breeze via the open north – south axis. The north and south facades feature massive wood screens that lend privacy to interiors, which can also be opened and angled to catch a breeze. Now, that’s cool!
A row of narrow polyalthia trees lines the main floor, bringing privacy to the glassed interiors and lending a natural focal point to interiors.
But another cool feature of these trees is their literal cooling quality, “combing the air of some of its heat each time the wind blows,” explain the architects.
Indoors have an alfresco feel, thanks to the glass walls and ever-present garden views. These modernist, airy interiors feature extra high ceilings and a minimalist palette of white walls, polished floors and strong, geometric elements appearing in the contemporary staircase and pillars.
Against the white backdrop, black window frames and ceiling detail are a simple but bold accent. The sliding walls open to the pool and patio, blurring the boundary between inside and out.
The windows frame the lush green garden and urban landscape.
The wood and glass staircase is a sculptural centerpiece zigzagging its way through the open main level and up to the private living spaces overhead.
The wood finish really warms up this otherwise cool, sleek interior.
At the top of the stairs, the wood floor is, a continuous element spilling from room to room, past the glass walls that divide this space.
This television room enjoys the open look and feel, and lots of natural light and views, while maintaining some privacy from the rest of the home via its glass walls.
That’s not to say the whole home is open and discretion goes by the wayside. The bedrooms and bath are closed off, as they should be.
But with a stunning spa-inspired bathroom like this, it’s a wonder the homeowners didn’t want to put it in full view! The natural, beautifully patterned tile walls give the space a strong horizontal presence, while the curving ceiling naturally leads you eye toward the vanity. A long, lean skylight overhead floods the space with natural light.
The freestanding tub, sink and toilet all echo an organic oval shape reminiscent of an egg. A doorway at the other side of the bath leads into the bedroom, where sweet dreams await.
Of course, if you’re seeking a bigger “splash” in the bathroom, check out this awesome powder room, this one plastered in a vertical tiles pattern, its variations of browns, golds and blacks shimmering in the light.
At dusk, the royal blue outdoors create a stark contrast against the cool white interiors, making them appear even whiter and brighter against the darkening evening.
In the dark of night, you can really see just how much glazing the home has, a prevalent feature that is masked by day behind the wood screen facade.
First storey floor plan:
Second storey floor plan:
Attic floor plan:
Wallflower Architecture + Design


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