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Arc House with Luxury Interiors and Edgy Curved Roof

If you’re looking for a little serenity coupled with a lot of luxury, this stunning arc house is a must-see. Located in the town of Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, this resort style home designed by Portuguese architects Mario Martins and company, was clearly designed to embrace the views, its crescent shaped silhouette wrapping around the coastal panoramas. But this seafront house is a luxury beach home by all accounts, from its edgy curved roof and bright white facade inspired by a seashell, to its elegant interiors. Here’s the grand tour.

The semi circular line features floor to ceiling glass walls which open to the pool and patio – a luxe hotspot that warms you up with its simple elegance, and at the same time it cools you off with a quick dip in the tempting pool.
The sleek, sculptural architecture is beautifully contrasted by the rough, rocky coastline and frothing white waves.
The extensive use of glass transforms the white exterior into a minimal outline against this deep blue backdrop, inviting reflections of the landscape and bringing the outdoors in at every turn.
Through the huge picture window, you catch a glimpse of the wall-mounted television – but when presented with these views, the TV is the last thing to attract your attention!
The long, arching roof of the house sits atop the main volume and floats above the end wing, set on angled pillars that make a contemporary statement in this natural beach front setting.
The sculptural roof shelters you, highlights the home and the patio space alike, and invites you to explore the sun, sand and surf – truly a perfect complement to the home’s most amazing features. Bravo!
Interiors have a coo, airy aesthetic providing a soothing respite from the hot afternoon sun. The glass walls invite the views in, and with them, the salty ocean breeze and endless streams of sunlight
The home’s arching roof is abandoned indoors, where strong geometry complements the minimalist palette of bright whites, cool greys and bold black. The layout follows this line, putting the focus squarely on the outdoors.
These elegant entertaining areas are simple, but the few carefully thought out furnishings and accessories deliver a healthy dose of drama. The low-hanging chandelier is like a shimmering jewel, casting a pattern of dancing light on the walls and ceiling.
An outdoor staircase stretches over a water feature, leading up to the rooftop terrace.
At every angle, you see a different view of – and through – this complex house design. Layers upon layers play with light, views and voids.
By night, the artfully illuminated architecture and the glowing pool put luxurious living in the spotlight.
Floor plans:
Mario Martins


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