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Fantastic Bayfront House overlooking Sunset Bay

Wrapped in wood and surrounded by trees, the Sunset Point Residence on San Juan Island, Washington is an architecture aficionado’s dream and a nature lover’s escape. This awesome house designed by Seattle-based David Vandervort Architects features a medium-scale timber frame enclosing expansive glazing that extends living spaces beyond its walls. Just on the other side of the glass, views of Sunset Bay offer ever-changing pictures of sparkling shores and bobbing boats on the horizon. Interiors have an earthy aesthetic that is right at home here in this natural setting.

To maximize natural light, views and the workable area of this waterfront property, the architects incorporated two curved glass facades that arch their way along the shore and forest line. When you’re inside, these arching walls make you feel like you’re stepping out into nature.
The home’s building materials reflect its natural surroundings – warm cedar siding, concrete blocks, hot rolled steel and metal roof. Tall leafy trees tower all around, providing some privacy to the glass enclosed interiors. Not that there’s a whole lot of traffic here to hide from…
Multiple volumes give the house an L shape with an intimate feel.
The layering of volumes also creates intimate nooks outside, offering perfect places for the gardens and plantings to meander through the property.
The wild garden leads you around the back of the house to the waterfront overlooked by an outdoor living and dining area tucked beside the home’s glass facade.
Imagine sitting in your backyard and seeing this view every day!
To make the most of these peaceful, picturesque surroundings, the house features two curved-glass walls that invite the views inside.
Interiors echo the home’s exterior palette. The two-storey living room boasts rich hardwood floors and ceiling, and arching floor-to-ceiling glass walls looking out on the water and the woods.
A contemporary concrete block fireplace at the heart of this space is a traditional element with a contemporary twist.
This intimate Great Room opens onto an adjoining dining room and kitchen, and an office tucked into the upper-level loft, all enjoying the same stunning vistas from the front wall and back. The honey-colored wood ceiling is a warm and sweet addition overhead.
The kitchen is a modern space with an organic edge, which works beautifully with the adjoining living areas. A dropped wood ceiling with exposed beams hangs overhead, while vertical steel beams support the loft overhead while serving up unobstructed views of the waterfront. A row of rectangular windows between the cabinets and countertop adds natural light to work areas.
A wood staircase leads up to an upper-level glass wall and loft, flooded with natural light where you can enjoy views of the living area below and the bay beyond the glass.
Past this public space, a private bedroom is the picture of peace and quiet, where the gorgeous views and a modern marble fireplace vie for your attention. A walk-out to a patio delivers a private piece of nature.
The glass-enclosed bathtub is a relaxing haven where you can soak away the cares of the day. For the shower-lovers, this spa-inspired retreat has that too, also behind glass walls so you can enjoy the view from every spot in this space.
Check out these floor plans for this two-storey space:
And the site plan:
This spacious and striking house plan offers plenty of living space, and affords every space that pristine view. And if you want to experience nature first-hand, all you have to do is step outside for wild flowers, forest and the water’s edge.
David Vandervort Architects
via Contemporist
photo credit: Michael Shopenn


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