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Angled roof house stands out in the city

The XYZ House, by modern Japanese architects naf architect and design inc., isn’t quite what you’d expect to find tucked away in this infill residential community here in Tokyo, but funnily enough, the unexpected is precisely what we’ve come to expect from modern Japanese architecture. The clean, white exterior, massive glazed facade and the sharp, angular roof are the distinguishing features that set this contemporary house apart. And while you can’t judge a book by its cover, this ultra modern exterior gives a pretty good idea of what you’ll find inside.

Affectionately referred to as “Three Kinds of Space,” this unusual vertical house plan packs lots of living on its three levels: a private home for a single woman occupying the top floor; a space to accommodate her visiting family on the second level; and the main floor reserved for guests. Each floor features a different view of the surrounding city.
While the three uses come with very different needs, the still house retains a sense of oneness through shared spaces, like the second floor kitchen, and the bathrooms located on the first and third floors.
Another unifying feature is the home’s elegant aesthetic – contemporary style spaces that follow the dramatic roofline, with lots of windows to flood interiors with natural light and warmed up with natural wood to finish the floors, walls and the sloping ceilings, bringing a little bit of nature into this urban house plan.
naf architect and design inc.
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