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Orange Vanity Set from Regia


The Batik orange vanity set from Regia is ideal for those who love bold color, but not at the expense of detail. Commanding, matt or glossy vanities in vivid hues, the coordinating Batik cabinets can also feature a lovely cut-out abstract pattern which may be picked up on a door panel on the vanity, a metal panel over the sink area for keeping soap and towels, and/or on wall cupboard doors. The balance between color and pattern ensures a modern look sure to be central focus in the bathroom. Batik vanity grows even more interesting upon close inspection… the asymmetrical shape of the unit and the attractive glass sink complete the style. The front panel of the vanity pulls out to reveal ample space for storage, making it a suitable choice even for families. Another rather enviable, fully customisable item from Regia: the Batik vanity.
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Regia Batik bathroom vanity set in Black with matching cabinets

Regia Batik vanity drawer and sink detail


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