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Regia Juke Box Light Vanity: Transparent Basin

The Regia Juke Box Light uses bold color and maple cabinets to bring a new hybrid style into the contemporary bathroom. Designed by Bruna Rapisarda, the Regia Jukebox takes its inspiration from the 70s yet keeps the clean strong lines so popular in minimalist design. It’s available in two versions, the Juke Box or the Juke Box Light. The Juke Box features the basin in black, white, or sand; on a maple unit of grey, midnight blue, forest green, sunny orange, or cyclamen. A sleek and sophisticated unit, the Juke Box is almost understated in its beauty. The Juke Box Light in contrast is exciting and fun. Set into a unit of black or white lacquered maple; the basin is available in yellow, green, red, or blue transparent frosted glass. The transparent effect and the resulting variation of color add vibrancy and energy. Its brilliant color makes it the focal point of any room. Both Juke Box designs are available in several sizes to fit any space. Regia have also created a wide range of compatible wall units, which offer extra drawers and storage.



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