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Bathroom Vanities Trend 2007 – the European Contemporary vanity style is in!

When it comes to contemporary bathroom vanities, today’s designers create beautiful and distinctive pieces that epitomise the newest European modern bathroom trends. They celebrate luxurious materials like steel, limestone and walnut; and exemplify the cutting edge of design, from bold retro inspired patterns to elegant minimalist forms. Each vanity has a unique identity and distinctive character that brings a modern sparkle and European charm to contemporary bathrooms. With such broad selection of vanities, there is a style for every modern home.
Pedini Fashion Bathroom Vanity – the Lacquered vanity
One of the favored finishes in contemporary vanity design is the lush glossy lacquer. It’s silky smooth surface has a sensual feel and gorgeous depth that accentuates the vanities smooth forms. The Pedini Fashion Bathroom Vanity for example uses a glossy rich coffee lacquer that highlights its simple minimal design. Featuring a long, free-standing peninsula-like form the Pedini offers a new European approach to bathroom design, revolutionising the way space is used. The Pedini offers two fluid shaped basins that flow seamlessly from the gleaming countertop; like a placid lake, it exudes calm and serenity. Stood upon a shining metal plinth the Pedini Fashion Bathroom Vanity uses the glossy lacquer finish to enhance its modern simple forms.
Kallista Laura Kirar Vir Stil Bathroom Vanity – the Walnut vanity
In contrast to shining lacquer, many modern designs are using exotic natural materials to add a luxurious finish to their contemporary vanities. The natural organic textures and grains give each piece unique character, while adding a serene warmth to the unit. By bringing natural wood and earthy stone into the bathroom these contemporary vanities soften the sharp lines of their geometric design. The Laura Kirar Vir Stil Vanity is one such design, with a simple rectangular form the vanity has an understated elegance. A single slab of Grigio Limestone rests above the Black Walnut cabinet, creating a juxtaposition of colour and texture. Rather than detract from these rich materials the free-standing Laura Kirar Vir Stil Vanity features an under-mounted sink and is accented by small touches of bright shining metal. By combining sharp modern design with natural materials this contemporary vanity creates a balance between style and nature.
Falper Steel Bathroom Vanity – the Steel vanity
With a masculine essence and a practical industrial style, steel can bring a sleek character to modern forms. Featuring a highly reflective surface and precise construction, steel offers a brilliant light finish to contemporary vanities. It captures a sharp urban style, that shines with modern glamour. In the wall-mounted Falper Steel Bathroom Vanity, the gleaming metal finish creates a unit that appears lighter than its form implies. The plain steel front becomes a shifting surface that reflects the room around it, while a bright red basin adds a bold passionate colour to the mix. With an urban cosmopolitan style, the Falper Vanity uses Steel to create a bold and powerful statement in bathroom design.
Duravit Happy D Bathroom Vanity – the Rounded vanity
Beyond luxurious materials, often it is the design that make contemporary vanities so alluring. Through quality craftsmanship and innovative design simple materials can be presented in appealing new forms. In the Happy D Bathroom Vanity by Duravit a simple rectangular design is softened by large rounded corners. As the wall mounted vanity reaches into the room it offers a friendly and welcoming presence despite its minimalist style. Here the white ceramic makes a bold statement; escaping from its normal basin limitations to serve as the gently rounded vanity top. These soft curved forms are then continued in the bending wooden doors. Presenting the wood as a fluid surface rather than flat square planks, adds a character and soft presence to the Happy D Vanity. An elegant design of simple sophistication, the Happy D Bathroom Vanity seems open and light; transforming the space around it.
Pedini Trendy Bathroom Vanity – the Wall Mounted Vanity
When selecting a contemporary vanity the form has a great impact on the overall design of the bathroom. Wall mounted vanities offer an integrated bathroom design that blends the room and furnishing into a single unit. Due to their extra stability wall mounted vanities offer a flexibility in form. The Pedini Trendy Bathroom Vanity for example features a cubic graphic design. The wall mounted vanity lies off centre of its rectangular metallic plinth, giving it a feeling of weightlessness. Combining the sharp clean geometric lines with wonderful materials gives the Trendy bathroom vanity a masculine sophistication. The dull gloss of the black basin is matched with dark lush woods and brilliant polished steel for a palette of textures and finishes. An urbane design that uses its wall mounted design to create a collage of materials and shapes, that seem to defy gravity.
Kohler Fountainhead Bathroom Vanity – the Free Standing Vanity
In contrast free-standing vanities can bring a decorative style to the bathroom. These contemporary vanities can take the form of fine furnishings, allowing you to continue the furnished style already in your home. A stunning example of this is the Kohler Fountainhead Bathroom Vanity, which features a slightly transitional style. The Fountainhead Vanity offers a simple understated elegance. Stood on two fluid and gently curving legs, the Fountainhead supports the luxurious vessel basin of your choice, like a beautiful piece of art. Featuring clean modern lines in a pale blonde wood, the Fountainhead Vanity takes a traditional furniture form and applies a minimalist style.
Sonia Atic Pop Bathroom Vanity – the Retro Style Vanity
Beyond the modern forms and materials, contemporary vanities can capture the latest trends and modern styles to bring a distinctive personality into the bathroom. Perfect for expressing ones individuality and style, these vanities make your home a reflection of ones self. The wall mounted Atic Pop Bathroom Vanity by Sonia for example offers fabulous retro style. Featuring a wonderful seventies inspired pattern of rounded squares in a trendy lime green, the Atic Pop Vanity offers a classic style in a modern colour palette. Framed by a small cabinet of black wood, the trendy retro graphic is applied to a shining glass panel for a slick clean finish. Capturing the glamour of yesterday in the understated style of today, the Atic Pop Vanity offers a unique dramatic effect.
Julien Troy Adams Bathroom Vanity – the Asian Style Vanity
Besides bold and dramatic statements, trendy contemporary vanities often embrace the serene and soothing proportions of Asian inspired designs. Perfect for creating a relaxing haven within your home, the Asian style adds an exotic sophistication to modern life. In the Julien Troy Adams Bathroom Vanity this style can be seen in the balanced proportions and minimalist design. Embracing new and exotic materials, the Julien Troy Adams Bathroom Vanity is crowned by a vivid orange band of CaesarStone. Supported by a cabinet of exotic Zebra wood, the distinctive grain brings a warm natural character to the unit. Featuring a steel under-mounted basin and steel accents, the Julien Troy Adams Bathroom Vanity offers a complex palette of modern materials to accent the simple Zen-like design. Embracing the newest bathroom trends and indulging in luxurious materials, today’s contemporary vanities are able offer a unique sparkle and charm.


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