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15 Modern Bathroom Vanities For Your Contemporary Home

Top off your chic space with a sink and mirror that stay within the confines of a posh vision. These 15 modern bathroom vanities are perfect for your contemporary home. Whether you’re renovating or starting from the ground up, these setups will bring you much-needed inspiration and insight. From marble countertops to his & her spots, these designs have it all.

One Kind Design begins our vanity journey with a floating design that’s neat, tidy and can be used as inspiration in both bigger and smaller bathrooms. We love the contrast in neutral tones and the contemporary hardware choices as well. Fortunately, it’s still a more traditional design, perfect for family homes.

If you’re looking to gather a way to bring some color into the bathroom, then check out this design from Hammer and Hand. Here we see a rich, teal tone that’s covered the cabinets alongside golden hardware. It makes quite a polished and unique splash.

Black and white is always a classic, go-to color combination and that rule applies to all aesthetics. You can see how beautifully it works in this bathroom brought to us by Elle Decor. The marble countertop contrasts beautifully with the black cabinetry and golden hardware.

If you want a bit of Asian influence inside of your home, then this setup from Cute Decor may be the exact kind of inspiration that you need. Mixing contemporary style with the subtle and cleanliness of an Asian design, this floating vanity fits small nooks beautifully and without fuss – or bulk!

You can easily create a bathroom with a midcentury modern feel as well. Not every contemporary space needs to be rigid edges with a cold personality. Instead, you can repurposed older pieces and give them new life like you see with this vanity design by are purposed!

Then again, you need or want the ultimate simplicity and clean lines, then Decorist has you covered. Check out this polished, white vanity design. With its black hardware and textured tile counterparts, you get interest without the fuss.

SF Girl brings us another floating vanity design but this time without the Asian influence. This time there’s a distinct youthful vibe attached to its look. The marble countertop is a rich addition to the quaint nook.

Contemporist had this one up their sleeves as well and we love the chic, futuristic vision. Not only do you get the “his and her” sinks, but you get a unique spin on classic bathroom vanities. All of the necessities are there but without the boredom of tradition.

For those of us without all of the space of a master bathroom, Create / Enjoy brings us this little beauty. A small cabinet with a black and white makeover is all you need to revamp the bathroom. This entire space has a touch of girlish charm thrown in too making it a more personalized design.

DIY Network went with a midcentury modern feel with this one. We’re seeing marble countertops again along with contemporary, black hardware pieces. The cabinets look like a vintage piece that’s been upcycled – giving us new ideas on design and DIY projects!

We love getting peeks into homes that are filled with real people and real families. And this space from House of Turquoise gives us those vibes. Everything is sleek and polished, but that personalized pop of turquoise in he middle really sets the mood – and the vanity off nicely. The dark wood and white combination makes for a refreshing look as well.

Soft, whitewashed woods are a nice addition to lighter and brighter bathrooms as well. Just look at this vanity design from Rebecca Atwood. It fits nicely inside the small nook giving both storage options and femininity. The textured wallpaper plays well with the metallics coming from the lights and hardware too.

Remodelista had a simple one up their sleeve as well. It’s floating, so it doesn’t take up any floor space and it’s white without all of the fuss. This is just another way to keep your bathroom modern, bulk-free and easily styled.

For those that have more to work with, why not try out the industrial trend inside? You can still style the space in a modern way but with more masculine and distance nuances. Just look at this incredible vanity Domino featured, with its metal hardware and ample storage.

And finally, if you check out all the wondrous inspiration over at Heather Bullard, you may stumble upon this beautiful setup. Natural wood paired with a chic marble top, these his and hers vanities are delicate but contemporary to a “T.” There’s a certain simplicity behind this vanity that is especially ataractic to those with minimalistic visions.


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