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Floating Home Interiors for West Coast Living

After watching the movie Sleepless in Seattle, a lot of people started thinking about living on a floating home. And many were surprised at how luxurious their interiors could look. It certainly can be west coast living at its finest. And while there are floating home villages on the east coast, and even in the middle on the Great Lakes – it’s the weather on the west coast that makes them so popular. Temperate. Not winter. And why not? To be right on the water, to wake up with the call of the gulls, the slap of the waves – it’s just so relaxing and well, movie-like. Living on a floating home is like living in a movie, a movie of the ever-changing ocean and tides. Some have very modern interiors, others are a little more rustic. But there’s no denying – they are not lacking in the comforts of home. Welcome aboard, and welcome home!

Floating Home Interiors in Seattle, WA

Many times, floating home interiors are wildly different than their outside shells. However, in this case, modern is as modern does. Source
Isn’t this an incredibly simple and sleek living area? You’d never know you were in a floating home. Source
The kitchen is spectacular, of course but nothing can hold a candle to the view from a floating home. Source
The exterior of this home on Lake Union looks like a cabin in the woods – but never judge a book by its cover. Source
Talk about home interiors surprising you – this place is nothing like the exterior hints. Love the kitchen! Source
The interior of this floating home is almost library-like. Source
A cubist exterior for this floater on Lake Union – by Designs northwest Architects.
The kitchen in this home has an almost tiki-bar feel. Appropriate for a floating home interior, no? Also, check out that fridge. Love it. Source
As always, the major bonus to designing floating home interiors is to design the view right into the living space. Source
This home on Portage Bay has an almost all-glass front. Which means that the interior has wide open view of the water. Source
The living space inside this home is ultra modern and ultra open. Don’t you love the stainless backsplash and the red cupboards? You can do pretty much anything to a floating home interior that you can do to a house on land. Source
The side walls of this home are made of wood and the high ceilings give this room a real open feeling. Notice the window on the right? Nice touch. Source
The landscaping around this floating home in Eastlake gives it an almost tropical look. And notice the red door? Source
A great kitchen in this home interior – especially the wine cooler. How many bottles do you think that holds? The pass-through is a nice touch, too. Source
The living area of this houseboat is open and clean. We love the shag rug, and the metallic ottoman. Source

Floating Home Interiors in Vancouver, BC

This blue houseboat on Granville Island has a Cape Cod feel to the exterior with its dormers and small balconies. Source
Cape Cod continues through the interior of this floater. This country kitchen is right out of a decor magazine. And we’ve always been a sucker for breakfast bars. Source
Imagine the sun beginning to stream through the windows and waking you up slowly in this heavenly bedroom. In this heavenly floating home. And of course, your coffee has already been delivered (in a white mug). Source
This home just south of the city has a symmetrical design. And some great plantings on the front deck. Source
The dining room table is positioned to take advantage of the view in this home. Check the teak wood ceiling and gas fireplace. Sleek. Source
A wood stove keeps the upstairs den area warm in the winter. Lots of windows – one of the major points of a floating home is the view. Source
The lighthouse floating home on River Road has a fun exterior. The top garden deck must have a spectacular view. Source
The interior of the lighthouse echoes the round base of the structure, while keep things thoroughly modern. Source

The round accent theme continues to the bathroom. Do you see the size of that tub? The home has a lot of land-like perks on the interior. Note the porthole windows. Source
This charming floating home is a great color combination – and check out the viewing deck way up top at the back. Source
The interior of this houseboat is open, with a rustic feel. The beams and whitewashed wood ceiling really help open it up. And notice the oar, strategically placed next to the vertical window. Clever. Source
The kitchen continues the rustic feel of the interior, with beams and wooden slat ceilings. Source

Floating Home Interiors in Portland, OR


The greater Portland area has become a hub for floating homes. And how not, with the Columbia river at its doorstep? We’re going to take a peek at the interior of the one in the middle. Source
We love this kitchen interior – yes, the breakfast bar (so many floating homes have them). But also those pendant lights and the shiny red barstools. Source
The living area feels spacious and open – tile floors and wood slat panel ceilings work well together. But once again, it’s the view. Could this feature lure you to live on a floating home? Source
This floater in Portland has an industrial loft exterior. We wonder what the interior holds in store. Do you see the swim ladder? Everyone in the pool! Source
The interior of the home doesn’t disappoint. The kitchen has a double oven and lots of stainless steel. It’s not quite industrial though. More like stainless modern? Lots and lots of cupboard space. Source
Once again, you can decorate the interiors of these floating homes all you like. But the view is the thing. Source
This Portland floating home is an attention getting color. But it fits well in the neighborhood. Source
What an amazing kitchen for a chef. We love the stainless and glass cupboards. This is one fine kitchen interior. We think we like this home. Source
The bedroom has a built-in fireplace and a deck with a view. This floating home is one of our favorites! Source


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