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Grand glass lake house with bold steel frame

Seattle architecture firm McClellan Architects designed this lake house as an ode to nature, but not in the usual country-cottage way. The steel frame is grand in its scale and construction, enclosing large expanses of glass that blur the boundary between indoors and out. Natural wood ceilings, balconies and wood-clad upper level are a refined reflection of the materials in this forested area.

This steep lakefront property posed some challenges in the design and construction process, but the effort was well worth it, resulting in unrivaled views of the landscape and the lake at its feet.
As you pass through the entrance gate, the first thing you see, fittingly, is the water. It doesn’t take long to discover that this is the central focus of this house plan.
As much attention was focused on the outdoors of this home as on the home itself. The client wanted a house that would engage the landscape, so the architects created these massive glass facades lined with upper- and lower-level terraces, offering unobstructed views of the lake.
Rather than bringing the outside in, this house design brings the indoors out onto these decks and patios, which offer an outdoor living area to rival the indoors, both in terms of style and comfort.
And why wouldn’t you make the most of these outdoors? This peaceful, natural setting ensures residents enjoy privacy, whether inside or out. Areas designated for cooking, dining and living echo the indoor layout, such that you can spend most of your day-to-day without setting foot inside.
This small but sweet outdoor living area is complete with its own stone-circled fire pit – a certain hotpot for entertaining family and friends, or stealing a quiet moment to yourself with the sun setting over the water.
A few steps lead you from the garden up to the house itself, where a sheltered porch spans the length of the home.
Just wide enough for a couple of chairs and a table between, this porch’s sheltered sitting areas let you enjoy the views regardless of the weather.
Of course, the indoors also enjoy outdoor views thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass walls fronting the lake. But that’s not to say that you can’t get some peace and privacy in this house. The artfully arranged living areas render them open to the kitchen, dining room etc., while still affording some privacy via stairs and corners.
This living room is comfy cozy, featuring pillowed furnishings arranged around a massive stone fireplace – the heart of this home.
Not without its own little surprise, this fireplace features a panel that slides open to reveal a television!
The kitchen has an industrial style about it, thanks to the exposed steel beams running vertically and horizontally, framing rectangular panes of glass. Earthy tones and a wood-clad central island add organic appeal and warmth to the contemporary style space.
The windows overlook the grassy yard. This casual dining area puts diners where the action is – a chef’s table, if you will.
For more formal affairs, this dining room features dramatic panoramas tucked into a glazed corner. Topped with a cognac-colored wood ceiling, this space is perfect for dinners, drinks and intimate conversations late into the night.
This glass office makes an inspiring place to work and play, topped with wood and enclosed by nature.
The wood stairs lead up a textured gold wall that is dripping in luxury. This rich feature wall draws the eye to the staircase’s bold lines and the glass-enclosed hallway above.
The private bedroom is hotel-chic in its look and feel. The inviting bed beckons with promises of sweet dreams. And if you can’t sleep, then you can always kick back and enjoy this view through the wall-to-wall windows.
Even the bathroom boasts breathtaking views. And why not? This spa-inspired space for rest and relaxation includes a deep soaker tub with yet another awesome corner view.
Of course, the best place for outdoor views is from one of the home’s many alfresco observation decks.
This rooftop patio is the ultimate escape, high above the lake and treed horizon. This landscaped little hotspot is our idea of a little piece of heaven!
McClellan Architects
via Contemporist


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