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15 Classic Italian Bathroom Vanities for a Chic Style

Everyone dreams of having a luxurious bathroom, one that makes the experience of bathing or simply washing your hands, something to look forward to and what better way to create a sense of opulence than with a chic, classic bathroom vanity evocative of Italian masterpieces from the times when quality materials, classic designs and fine craftsmanship where the norm rather then the exception. Lucky for all of us there are still those exceptions that fit the bill and the Opera Collection by GB Groupe is one of those rare exceptions of amazing classic Italian design wrapped up in their bathroom vanities, presenting a chic style for the ultimate bathroom experience.
The Opera Aida series is classic in style and choice of materials and yet the collection is the perfect foil for a modern home, bringing in a bold pop of red, white or black and a little razzle dazzle within it’s Swarovsky crystal handles and metallic embellishments.

Aida consists of a vanity and wardrobe, each curvaceous and each decadently fabulous with their Swarovsky crystal handles and gold or silver details. Source.
While gold might be the standard pairing with red – and in this case Rosso Oriente red – Aida’s silver embellishments play beautifully off of the crystal handles and marble counter. Source.
The sumptuous and refined Swarovsky crystals are an original design and they compliment the Aida’s curvaceous lines beautifully. Both together help set the stage for the Opera’s theme “In search of a lost time”. Source.
The Opera Armida vanities are available in 4 versions; this one replaces the bracelet handles for a straight row of crystals that are in complete contrast to the swirling nature inspired gold leaf embellishments. Source.
When Armida switches out the gold for silver leaf and replaces the row of crystals for a single round pull the effect is quite delicate. Source.
This version of Armida vanity leaves out the swirling branch pattern altogether focusing on the bracelet handles as a single poignant detail. Source.
Whether the swirling branches are showcased or not, the Armida is definitely inspired by the natural world and is “a tale of hidden emotions”. Source.
Opera Butterfly vanity design is a story of twisting and light. It’s distinctive feature are the turned legs, in this case capped with gold socks that mirror the ornate floral bouquet that a covers its facade in gold leaf. Source.
As with the rest of the Opera series, Butterfly is equally as beautiful when embellished with silver leafing as it is with gold. This version simplifies the legs and the shape of the vanity but adds a large mirror with an opulent light for an extra layer twisting of light. Source.
Simplified even more, this Butterfly version leaves the gold or silver leaf behind in favor of one fantastic butterfly-shaped handle. Source.
The Otello Opera vanity series presents a more modern aesthetic, sporting in this version a graphic floral design within its embellishments. Source.
When the graphic florals are not present, the Otello presents a cleaner, simpler, more modern silhouette in all but the glittering lights on the mirror and those amazing crystal handles. Source.
The Tosca also presents a modern flare to its otherwise baroque lines, which are in this version enhanced by the gold embellishments following its lower curves. Source.
The simplified Baroque lines of the Tosca have a faceted effect that hint at a geometric influence. Source.
The hint of geometry is no longer a hint in the Turondot versions of Opera. Even the legs are a folded baroque outline rather then completely round. Source.
The combination of the geometric folds within the legs is a fun contrast to the traditional floral gold leaf embellishments and lavish light over the mirror of this Turondot vanity.
GB Groupe
There is nothing like having a gorgeous classic Italian vanity in your bathroom. This is not to say that the rest of your home decor can’t be modern – mixing and matching styles is the latest trend. For more chic ideas, please visit our main bathroom furniture section.


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